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Turn Off the TV! You Might be Learning Something! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Turn Off the TV! You Might be Learning Something! (Doll Article)

(August 05, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Have you ever realized exactly how much interesting stuff there is on television? And Iím not talking about celebrity gossip and reality shows. I mean the things your science teacher would be proud to know youíre watching. If you donít know what Iím talking about, try flipping away from Nickolodeon or MTV for an hour and take in a show on the Discovery Channel or, shocking! the History Channel. If youíre just starting to try out the kind of shows you can learn from, here are a few of my personal favorites.

Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, actually goes and spends a day doing some of the dirtiest jobs on the planet. Heís been a garbage collector, a fish hatchery worker; heís blasted with dynamite and heís worked in childcare. Not only is he hilarious, the show is fascinating. Itís hard to believe there are so many different kinds of jobs in the world, much less how filthy some of these really are. My personal favorite? The snake venom collecting episode. Dirty Jobs comes on the Discovery Channel.


Truly a favorite of science teachers everywhere, Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel takes all the old urban legends and myths that you hear and actually tests them. The hosts have landed cars in lakes to see how best to escape. Theyíve attempted to cut off someoneís head with a ceiling fan (it was a dummy, but still), theyíve tried to fly with bottle rockets and they regularly blow things up. Most impressive of all, sometimes the most bizarre things are true. Example? A dogís mouth really is cleaner than a humanís. EWW!

Man Versus Wild

Another good one on the Discovery Channel, a man takes off into a life or death situation, presumably with just a handheld camera of his own, but Iím not sure about that, and then he teaches you how to survive. Heís been lost in the mountains, lost at sea, stranded in the desert, you name it. The host isnít as entertaining as some, but he really knows his stuff. Now, the next time my plane crashes and I survive only to be lost in a remote jungle, Iíll know exactly what to do.

The History Channel

Itís hard to pick a single episode as a favorite on the History Channel as itís often touch and go. Some of the shows resemble the kinds of movies your history teacher makes you watch, but sometimes you stumble across something fabulous. Just the other day, I was watching a show about the lost civilization of Atlantis and relics theyíve found that might be related to a lost civilization from the same time period as the legend. Granted, it wonít be on any US History test, but itís still incredible to see thousand year old history reenacted.

What Not to Wear

On TLC (The Learning Channel), two stylists surprise regular people who dress really badly and help them find new ways to dress that make them look much, much better. Like most things on TLC, this is actually a spin-off of the original BBC version from the UK, but I like it. Clinton and Stacey, the hosts, are funny and entertaining to watch. The people on the show are usually a bit older than we are, but sometimes they have a young person on there. Regardless, there is a lot to learn about what kinds of clothes youíre supposed to be wearing at any age. Alright, itís not truly educational, but this is a fashion website!

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Grangerland, TX
Posted On: August 15, 2008
I love Discovery Channel! Since I'm living in a hotel at the moment I get that and a few other major channels. And since I'm not into disney that much, I watch discovery and HBO a heck of alot. Mythbusters has to be one of favorites. Even if it's a repeat they're just so hilarious, really very cool.

I should send Mike Rowe to my dad's job...he might like that...

In Man Vs. Wild, the new one, he goes into a Louisianna swamp. And may or may not be wrestling a aligator....not sure, I just saw the commercial.

I don't get the History Channel, so I really can't say anything about it. Same with TLC, but either way this article is great! I think I'm getting cabin fever in a hotel though...

Cabin Fever: CONFIRMED
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Philadelphia, PA
Posted On: August 12, 2008
I love watching the Animal planet on Saturdays
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Posted On: August 12, 2008
I watch nearly all of those shows.

Mythbusters is probably my favorite on The Discovery Channel, and What Not To Wear, well, I like it, and it's kind of funny to see what people wear, and how they're changed.

So you don't need to worry about me. I'm already watching all these shows, and they're all really cool
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Canton, NC
Posted On: August 9, 2008
My family and I like Survivor Man, it's funny, and you learn stuff. We don't watch it too often in the summer, but we watch it every chance we get when school rolls around.

Nice artical!
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Posted On: August 8, 2008
I used to watch What Not to Wear, but then it started making me feel like certain things we wear to make ourself individuals aren't good enough for the world.

But I absolutely LOVE Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, and Man vs Wild. Discovery Channel happens to be one my my favorites.

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Stafford, VA
Posted On: August 8, 2008
I like the history channel. I'm a complete history buff. Did you know thta during the bloddiest battle of the America Civil War, Gettysburg, only one civilian life was lost?

My point. Anyway, great article.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 8, 2008
At the moment I'm watching Britians Missing Top Model (about disabled models) and Rogue Restruants (about bad conditions ect. in restruants). LOL and Top Gear.


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Anna, TX
Posted On: August 8, 2008
First comment. Awesome! Never got that before!
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Anna, TX
Posted On: August 8, 2008
I watch What not to Wear all the time! You find the weirdest clothes sometimes.
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Bow Mar, CO
Posted On: August 8, 2008
lol nice article! loved it 6.^

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