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Tips for Success This School Year @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Tips for Success This School Year (Doll Article)

(September 16, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Schoolís back in for the majority of us, and naturally we want this to be the best year ever. To make it an improvement over last year, youíll want to pay more attention to the details that not only make your life more organized, but that also can make you very successful.

1. Donít Take Homework Home

When your teacher assigns homework, it is because she wants you to finish an assignment or to practice a new skill a bit (or a lot) more. The work is called homework because you usually have to do it at home. But you donít really have to take it home to have it finished by the end of the day.

Instead, grab a folder and make it your homework folder. Every homework assignment should be placed into your homework folder as they are assigned in class. Bring that folder with you all day long. When you have a few minutes at the end of a class or when youíre finished the class work, simply open your folder and finish a few math problems. Sometimes you might even luck out and have a teacher give you some free time you can use to finish a large section of your work.

Take the folder to your homeroom class and use that time to work instead of chatting. Work on the packets and worksheets before school in the library, or even during lunch. That way you have nothing to take home with you and itís very likely your grades will improve thanks to your completed homework always being ready to turn in on time.

2. Take Notes

Obviously youíve been taking notes for years on pen and paper, but maybe itís time to put that cell phone to serious use. When you need to remember something, such as returning a form the next day, donít write the message on your hand. Instead jot down a memo in your phone to remind yourself or set an alarm to trigger your memory later that evening. You can even call yourself at home and leave a message on the home phone to remind yourself to grab the form and stuff it in your backpack.

If you donít have a phone, borrow a friendís and call home a reminder to yourself. If you happened to have left yours at home, ask a friend to text you a reminder during lunch or another time you wonít get in trouble for having your phone out during school hours.

3. Sit Near the Front

Nobody is asking you to become the teacherís pet, but studies have shown that students who sit in the front row or along the center of the room are showed the most favorable treatment from teachers. A bit of extra attention and positive feelings about you canít hurt, and sitting in the front row doesnít mean you have to sit front and center. You can sit off to the side and still reap the same result.

Sitting in the front row will have positive results for you academically as well. Youíll be able to see whatís going on and youíll also be able to hear the teacher more effectively. Finally, youíll be less likely to get distracted by classmates being off task when you are really trying to concentrate and do well on a test or assignment.

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Fredericksburg, VA
Posted On: September 22, 2008
cell phones are banned from my school district and the buses because idiots kept calling in bomb threats and crap, so they could get off school that day. So I couldn't really whip mine out and put memos in it. I like the folder though.
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Posted On: September 20, 2008
i normally head to the library to do stuff like that, nice idea on the phone. the folder is also a nice idea

Ellie xD
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United Kingdom
Posted On: September 19, 2008
I love sitting at the front.

Ooh, so easy to be sarcastic to the teacher.


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Posted On: September 18, 2008
Nice, but I can't relate at all.

You should defenetly consider writing an article on homeschooling.... You really must be fair.
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Posted On: September 18, 2008
All lot of kids in my class (we're in 6th grade), they are doing HORRIBLE on English and Reading tests. I'm going to start helping my friends out because I am doing good (not too brag).
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Hopkinsville, KY
Posted On: September 17, 2008
I like those tips. Of course, I've always made sure to sit in the fron row if I can, more for my eyesight than anything. Plus I like being near the teacher's desk if I can, so that way it is easier to get his or her attention if I need to ask something.

Like never more, I don't have any sort of free period or study hall. We used to have study hall, but the board of education got rid of it my sophomore year because the class was too overcrowded, and you don't get credit for it anyway.

Can't do it during lunch because the tables are too small, but the other suggestions may be worth a try!!
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: September 17, 2008
those are clever. I actually don't have any form of study hall or off period (like a lot of people in my grade do), so I like to do some of my homework during lunch. Then you can get help from friends, access to the library and you don't have to do your geometry at home, so no heavy book to stuff in your bag!
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