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Throwing a Backyard Party @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Throwing a Backyard Party (Doll Article)

(September 10, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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The fall is a great time to throw a party in your backyard Ė the weather is cool verging on cold, which makes it nice to pull out the fire pit or fireplace and get comfy with your friends. Hot food, warm drinks and good company are all easy to find in the autumn, and a backyard is an easy place to entertain everyone.

Backyard Fall Fun

The fall is a time of football games, heavy (but delicious) foods and lots of raucous cheering and fun. The games are a great excuse to have people over, but it can be hard to get everyone into your living room to watch. If you have a projector, though, you can work it out to where the game is front and center on a large white sheet or inflatable screen in the backyard. Hang a sheet on your fence or the side of your house. Bring the projector outside with any necessary cables running in through an open window or door. The game will be live and large with plenty of room for everyone to settle in with lawn chairs and food. If youíre not into football, you can have the same party for any show or for a movie your friends have been waiting to see.

Food and Fun

Nothing makes a great backyard party like plenty of food. Have everyone bring over a crock pot of something hot and keep them nice and warm with an extension cord or two. All youíd need to provide is the table, the electricity and some plates. Arrange for the main dishes, some cornbread and plenty of chips Ė everyone can eat well with hearty fall food while enjoying the show and the company.

If dinner isnít enough to get everyone excited, you can arrange to have some of your friends bring cakes and pies over as well. Another table can be the dessert table where it will be all but obligatory to sample everything there. Itís highly unlikely anyone would leave your particular party feeling anything less than full. Remember to get a big trash bag or recycling bin for all the plates and utensils Ė you donít want to have to wash all of that.

Arrange Areas of Fun

The screen can be the biggest draw, but you donít want to have everyone in the same area if they are interested in different things. Encourage people to find different corners of your yard with some simple solar lights to make pathways and little patios brighter. Put out some chairs in cozy corners where friends can sit and talk and use twinkle lights to help provide ambient light to all areas of the party by wrapping them around the posts and trees.

If youíd rather have something besides television or youíre planning an all-day party, you can easily invest in some games like horseshoes or croquet to play on the other half of the yard or even an inflatable jumping castle for the younger party-goers to enjoy. What matters most is that everyone has fun, no matter what you decide to feature in your backyard party.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: October 10, 2010
You're not kidding Becca! I had thought that TN would be warmer, but it gets really humid here and that makes the winter air SO much worse than even snowy Colorado! The thermametors always say one thing, but the IT FEELS LIKE are always much lower in the winter and much hotter in the summer. D;

California was perfect weather always. It gets hot there in the summer, but it's not miserably humid. And the winters are best. Take it this way: I went swimming, OUTSIDE, on Christmas when I was living there. Again I say, Perfect. xD
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 10, 2010
I don't even have a backyard. XD Round where I am, in the winter and late autumn it's always too cold to want to hang out round the back, so parties are always inside.
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Posted On: October 6, 2010
You should come up to Canada in the fall/winter, Lovie. You'd be thankful for TN weather. xD
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: October 4, 2010
You mean there are places where the weather is cool inbetween Summer and Fall?! Cause it goes from OMG HOT to OMG COLD in 0 flat.

Currently I'm sitting wrapped in a blanket freezing my behind off. It'd be a good night for a fire and mallow's, but I think everyone would be too worried about whether or not their backsides are going to stay warm xD

...worst part? Men in this family want to go camping in early November. I'm complaining about how cold it is NOW in a house and blanket! Ima be miserable! D:

I love this idea though. Note to self, move to a better state where the weather is perfect, asap.
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