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The Worst Christmas Gifts to Give…or Get @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Worst Christmas Gifts to Give…or Get (Doll Article)

(December 16, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Everyone loves Christmas, but there are times when you open a present and you wish you could just give it back. Or you’re not exactly grossed out by the gift, but you’re so taken aback you’re at a loss for words – how could your friend or family member actually thought this was a good present for you? Worse than being the one who gets a terrible gift is being the one who gives a terrible gift. Before you wrap up those presents this year, think long and hard about what’s going in each box.

Something Used

Okay – I’ll tread lightly here because there are different ways this can be interpreted. If your mother simply loves books, she’ll love an antique collection by her favorite author. They are definitely used. If you want to get your boyfriend some video games, why not buy them pre-owned? The games are the same and you get more for the money. No worries there. The trouble is when you simply don’t want something anymore and you wrap that up and give it for a gift.

For example, I have the embarrassing tale of giving my sister a down comforter. It was lovely, but she didn’t really want it and it had been used for a few years – I was younger and not as wise then. She did that polite look of “WTH!” when she opened it Christmas morning, and I rushed around later when I realized what a goof I was to make amends with a real gift. Just imagine the fun of opening up a box full of clothing your best friend doesn’t want any more. Makes you feel pretty special, eh?

Something Embarrassing

I’m not sure when underwear became an appropriate gift between just about everyone, but the day I open a box of thongs under the Christmas tree is the day I….um…get very embarrassed. Hey, we all wear underwear (I hope), but that doesn’t mean we need to open up a box of black and pink lace in front of our father and grandparents. The absolute worst is when someone like a new boyfriend thinks he’s being dashing by giving you some sort of sexy lingerie for Christmas. You’ve been dating for about five minutes and he’s handing you a box of lacey bits and pieces. As if he’s hoping to see them later – yuck!

Something Horribly Over the Line

Okay, we all have flaws, and we all need a little help sometimes, but Christmas is not the time to “help” someone start exercising or help clean the house. Unless your friend or family member specifically asked for a new workout video or a big package of weight loss shakes, you had best steer very clear. Avoid giving anyone a box of teeth whitening strips or a brand new vacuum cleaner – if they don’t actually want them and ask for them specifically. Sure, anti-wrinkle cream can be very expensive and very posh, but I don’t think your grandmother wants to open it up in the middle of the family on Christmas morning and try to act grateful for your help in her correcting the visible signs of her aging.

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