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The Reasons To Write @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Reasons To Write (Doll Article)

(January 12, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Like many girls, Iíve been writing practically my entire life. I remember making up crazy stories in grade school and occasionally Iíll come across them when Iím digging around in my closet. You might not know it, but Iím actually an award winning writer. In the same spot where I stash those old papers and notebooks I have a few anthologies that I was awarded a spot in and even a ribbon or two from writing competitions. Yes, I was quite the writer in my youth. Iím sure I got much recognition on the playground after lunch each day.

Writing Today

Iím still a writer, but I havenít won any awards of late. Iím okay with that, however. I donít write to win awards and often I donít even write to have others read what I crank out. As other writers out there know, there are plenty of reasons to write:

Write Because You Have To

Okay, while not the best reason to write, sometimes you just have to. Your English teacher requests an essay or theme on some bizarre topic and you must produce. You might pull together a brilliant research paper for science or social studies. You might write up a dazzling summary of the short story you just read. Whatever. I personally find that when forced, I can certainly write what is requested easily enough, but itís often not my best work.

Write Because You Want To

There is a common misconception that to be a good writer you have to be good at writing. While it might be easier to write a certain way if youíre already a good speller and know the difference between a dependent cause and the independent variety, an A in English is not required. If you want to write, write! Some of the most interesting writing Iíve ever read has been a hodge-podge of languages. I have a friend who speaks and writes in both English and Spanish.

She is so fluent in both that she can switch from one to the other in the middle of a sentence and not realize what sheís done. Not only that, but she also likes to use the abbreviations from texting and IM when jotting down notes and journals. I usually have to get her to translate a few words for me when I read her stuff, but her writing is so real and really funny, even if it would be an English teacherís nightmare.

Write Because It Feels Good

Sometimes you have so much drama on the inside you just have to get it out. Writing is a great way to get all those thoughts and ideas out where you can deal with them. Write about fights you had; write up imaginary stories about your friends or your future boyfriend. Write stories about what youíll do when you get out of school someday. Write journal entries to help you plan for the future. All of that writing is cathartic.

Donít be afraid to use your writing to feel better Ė itís okay to write something just for yourself. But if you have a story where you steal your best friendís boyfriend before punching out that bully at lunch, you might do well to keep it to yourself. Itís supposed to make you feel better, but it likely wonít have the same effect on your BFF (or her boyfriend.)

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Posted On: August 19, 2009
I love writing, but somehow I can't make something up out of my thoughts.. so I have a hard time making sentences in English.
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Capitola, CA
Posted On: February 9, 2009
i remember writing in grade school. i just found a couple of old stories from like, 5th grade. and i was like "darn, my writing really improved"

i'm a horrible writer, but i like doing it anyway, i just hate when people get mad at me for writing how i write. it's like "i like to do it, if you dont like it, don't read it"
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Zionsville, IN
Posted On: January 30, 2009
Does anyone remember the site-wide writing contest we had here four or five years ago? That was fun. XD.

I write because if I don't get the ideas out of my brain I sometimes begin to feel as though it will explode....

This was a good article.

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Posted On: January 29, 2009
I write to get feelings into words - mostly poems.

I've been writing those since I learned to read. O_O
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: January 29, 2009
Gah, this makes me want to work on my novel, which is still only on chapter five.

Oh well.

I like writing because it's fun. Just not when I have to write about myself, that gets so old so quickly. How many essays can I write about what I want to be when I grow up, and all those other over-used topics?

But I too have one writing things. I used to live in a place called Loveland, and each year they would have a valentine's day poetry contest. In second grade I one some prize thingy because of it.

Of course, so did pretty much everyone else, so...^_^
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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 29, 2009
I would love to actually finish a story when I begin to write it, but when I read other's stories and I read back over mine, mine seems to pale in comparision and I end up giving up on ideas which are actually quite good.

Despite this, I am trying to write without throwing away ideas, and I hope any others here will succeed too!
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Weirton, WV
Posted On: January 29, 2009
I write constantly, I can't even begin to tell where I started writing because I've always written. Honestly, my writing ability went flat in seventh grade because my english teacher hated my writing style and nearly flunked me because I "wouldn't write like everybody else" so I had to forget what I wanted to write and do what she wanted.

Then I had this awesome creative writing teacher three years later who helped me fix my problems. ^__^

But yeah, despite what teachers may tell you - 'o this isn't grammatically correct, oh the sentence structure is terrible' - just ignore them if you're writing it for yourself. Don't ask for instruction from an English teacher if you want a teacher to proofread your work; if possible, ask a creative writing teacher or a relative of yours. ^^ But preferably one you see a lot but don't know too well, so that they won't be biased to say 'Wow this is good' when it's actually crap.

Believe me, I'd know. *hidesfaceinshame*
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