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The Power of Redecoration @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Power of Redecoration (Doll Article)

(July 12, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Redecoration is the key to my emotionally success. It sounds a bit odd, but when you redecorate and rearrange your furniture, it can have a pretty dramatic impact on how you feel, and so far, every time Iíve redone my room, it feels better to be there afterward. Redoing your room doesnít have to be expensive, and you donít have to actually do much of anything to it to have a dramatic difference.

Clean Out

Before you move anything around, start by emptying all of your drawers and digging all of your stuff out of the closet. Touch everything in your room as you do a serious clean out. Donate the clothing that doesnít fit anymore and trash all of those old scraps of paper and dead make-up sets. The items youíre keeping should be put carefully away, and consider using some old shoe boxes or special drawer organizers to keep things a bit neater as you put them away. Donít forget to dig under your bed and check your old purses and backpacks for junk to deal with, too.


Once your room is spotlessly clean, consider rearranging your furniture. You might need help to move it around your room, but first come up with a plan of action to avoid moving it more than one time. There are benefits to any number of arrangements and books on feng shui will discuss the energies of arranging items in a certain way and what sort of effect the arrangement can have on you. Ideally, youíll arrange things so that your room feels more balanced and you have plenty of open space to lounge about in, but the ultimate arrangement is up to you.

Make Small Changes

Once your furniture is rearranged, look for small changes you can make that will dress things up. Perhaps you can rearrange your books and soccer trophies on a shelf or hang some of the posters that have been sitting in your closet. Buy a few yards of inexpensive fabric and make your own pillow cases or valences Ė you donít even have to sew if you can find the special fabric glue that will hold them closed.

If you have a bit more to spend, you can find all kinds of bargains online on new bedding and accessories for your room. Remember to get something youíll enjoy for a long time, although it should also be something you enjoy now. If you find inexpensive bed-in-a-bag sets, you can change your look as often as you like without a huge outpouring.

Okay, Iíll admit it Ė Iím a flirt. A big one. Even when Iím dating someone, I canít help myself. I have to flirt with boys around me. My oYou can also make dramatic differences in your room simply by adding a bit of paint. Painting your walls is simple enough, and you can get a kit of everything you need at the local home improvement store along with a gallon of paint. If youíre an experienced painter, you might also consider getting oil-based or an acrylic paint and redoing your furniture with a new color to make it a bit more exciting in the space.

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Posted On: July 24, 2010
Over March break I completely overhauled my room. Cleaned out everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Closet, dressers drawers, under my bed, computer stand, tv stand etc. Dusted, washed and rearranged everything. I have twice the space now. My room is super organized. xD

A couple years ago I rearranged my furniture in my room and I'm just a tiny thing lol. But like Lovie, I have strong legs that I used when pushing my bed and dresser. It was a tough, long job but it was worth it.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: July 24, 2010
I used to rearrange my bedroom every 6 months or so when I was in school. I've got some scrawny arms, but my legs are powerful, lol.
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