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The New 90210 @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The New 90210 (Doll Article)

(October 25, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Ive seen a few episodes of the original 90210 and Ive taken the time to watch a bit of the newer 90210, and Im ready to share my version of the truth on the matter: Its different than the original. Surprised? Im not either. Its hard to explain, but the original show was interesting because the characters were so interesting not really the story lines. (DJing the Peach Pit? Really?) But the new show has a similar plot, and interesting characters in its own right, but its not as interesting as the first time around.

The Basics

In the original show, a brother and sister (Brandon and Brenda) came from the Midwest and were deposited in the glitz and glam of Beverly Hills. The rest of the cast was dynamic and fun. Drama, both on camera and off, ensued. Characters came and went over the years, but the central figures stayed tried and true fashionable, full of angst, and occasionally backstabbing.

The new 90210 follows a similar plot. Annie and Dixon move with their parents from Wichita, Kansas to Beverly Hills. Immediately they are in the mix with Dixon making the lacrosse team, getting in a fight, getting kicked off the team and then getting back on the team. But not before he busts another guy for cheating on his girlfriend in his Escalade in the school parking lot. Oh, and his new best friend is the son of the largest producer of X-rated movies in the world, but hes not allowed to watch the movies until hes 21 house rules.

Annie doesnt fare much better in the overly dramatic department. In the span of two hours, she gets in the middle of a breaking up relationship, gets blogged about and then moooed at by the high school population. She gets a spot in the big musical, goes on a date with one boy via private jet, comes back in a rush to start reminiscing with another boy, kisses the first one and angers the second one. Whew! What happened to the good old days that made you wait for the action?

The Action

In fact, the action and language is one of the big differences between the shows from a decade ago and today. The original 90210 was sincere and clean, if edgy. There was illusion to romance and a few tantalizing scenes that made it clear how things would end, but the touchy-feely parts were kept to a minimum, if you know what I mean.

One of the first scenes in the new episode is a couple being a bit too friendly in a parked car in the school parking lot. In two hours, I probably counted two dozen naughty words as well again, a big difference from the original.

For Better or Worse

Is it better? Nope. Is it worse? Many die hard fans of the first 90210 feel as though it might be. But I think we need to give the show a chance. It has some huge footstep to follow in and it will take a bit of time for the young actors on the show to gain the experience and presence that the oldest high school students of all time already had the first time around. Its definitely rated a wait and see in my book.

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Port Saint Lucie, FL
Posted On: November 5, 2008
Pretty good show! Although I'm more the a Gossip Girl person.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: October 29, 2008
Wichita isn't really THAT much of a hick town, you know. Cows? Really? Try more along the lines of Hays or Goodland if you want to see some of those.

Wichita at least has a mall, and stuff. But anyway, I'm tired of the popularity shows, with the dramatic girls and jock boys and money and what not. Aren't there any shows left with an ounce of originality?
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Wilmington, DE
Posted On: October 29, 2008
I love 90210. It's awesome.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 29, 2008
Never seen or heard of it. I have no opinion on the matter.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: October 28, 2008
I like the first one. Granted I haven't watched the 2nd one yet so I can't say much other than I don't think I will watch it. The original has just GOT to be better especially because it will have been cleaner.
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