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The Most Horribly Depressing Movies of All Time @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Most Horribly Depressing Movies of All Time (Doll Article)

(February 22, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Everyone loves a depressing movie sometimes. You might be the most cheerful, upbeat person in the world but the thought of grabbing that quilt and box of Kleenex just tickles your fancy at least once a year or so. Being miserably depressed through movies is a great catharsis and while purging your emotions, youíll likely be purging a bit through tears and a runny nose, so itís perhaps best to undertake this adventure alone. Here are a few of my top picks for the most horribly depressing movies of all time.

The Notebook

Ugh. I donít think Iíve met a person who didnít sob like a baby during The Notebook. A man comes and reads a notebook to a woman with dementia every day as her condition worsens. It soon becomes clear that the man is reading their own love story to his wife so that she can remember their love and life together. Gut-wrenchingly romantic and tragic, itís a feast for depressed senses.

Old Yeller

Itís a classic and a kidís movie, but I have never been able to see it without sobbing uncontrollably. A boy finds a dog that saves his life and provides company in the wilderness is faced with a terrible decision about the best way to handle a horrible situation. Itís the kind of decision youíd never wish on anyone, and itís even more painful to watch.

Eight Below

Another animal-based kidís film that gets me choked up just typing the title, Eight Below shows the tale of eight sled dogs who are left behind in Antarctica. While their owner fights to get back to rescue them, they are off on their own adventures facing life Ė and death Ė nobly and together. Once the dogs were left, I donít think I stopped crying until the end with all of the drama they faced.


Two young girls from very different backgrounds become friends at the beach one summer. They float in and out of each otherís lives becoming best friends and worst enemies over time before they are forced back together when disaster strikes, and they are both forced to look past their differences into the future of a child.

Million Dollar Baby

A different take on depression, a woman is driven to become a successful female boxer and is helped along the way by a no-nonsense coach who knows the ropes. When an accident happens inside the ring, the young boxerís life is changed forever and we are all forced to endure her suffering.

Schindlerís List

The most horrifying of the Holocaust tales, Schindlerís list is much more graphic than some of the other films here, and youíll want to be sure youíre ready to take on this one. Itís the kind of movie that once you see it, youíll never forget it and youíll be changed as a person looking back at one of the most horrible elements of our combined human history.

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Woodbury, MN
Posted On: March 30, 2010
The Boy in the Stripped PJ's reached into my soul and made me cry my eyes out. Same with the Notebook. Just because it ruins in my family and I know the same may happen to me one day.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: March 28, 2010
The only movies that make me cry are normally Disney movies.
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Posted On: March 26, 2010
Oh gosh I hate Old Yeller it was so annoying, I'm sorry if you like it i'm just speaking my mind
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Posted On: March 19, 2010
The only one I've seen is Schindler's List, which is a very good movie, by the way. And it's really sad...
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: March 18, 2010
I've seen The Notebook and Eight Below, actually I own both of them. They are both fabulous movies in my opinion, but in my opinion I am a REALLY sappy, sad, emotionaly involved movie lover xD

I haven't seen any of the others because I'm not a huge fan of older movies or gory ones. I have a weak stomache for the latter, and a tendancy to get nightmares...yes even at my age, lol.
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Posted On: March 16, 2010
Oh , Eight Below was so sad , I couldn't stop crying when I watched it and the dogs were so so so cute , I totally love that movie . The note book , well I didn't really watch it full , just little scenes from it wasn't so good in my opinion.
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Posted On: March 15, 2010
I cried in old yeller, but not in the notebook. I also didn't find Dear John that sad either. (The movie anyway, the book is ALOT sadder.)
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