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The Most Frustrating Book Movies Ever @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Most Frustrating Book Movies Ever (Doll Article)

(November 30, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Itís no secret that Iím a reader. I love to read and when I read a book and hear about the movie, I get as excited as everyone else Ė perhaps even more so. Of course, more often than not Iím bitterly disappointed by the end results. I know itís not always the moviemakerís fault for changing things up from the printed version to the big screen, but Iíll admit Iím still frustrated by these beauties Ė or should-have-been beauties.


My top frustration when it comes to book movies, Eragon might as well have been called something else entirely. What was the point of even starting out the movie in a similar way to the book? About five minutes in things started to go wrong and then they stayed that way. Main characters (the dwarves) were eliminated. The relationship between Eragon and the elves was depicted wrong as well. The complexity of the relationship between Murtagh and Eragon was in shambles and there were so many details wrong throughout it is now virtually impossible to even attempt the sequel.

Iíll admit Iíd like to see them try to get Eldest on the big screen since they left out so much Ė it would be like a puzzle when they tried to tell a story with a ton of missing pieces. I think the author, Christopher Paolini, is so upset about it he stalled out on the final book. Itís been years in the making and still not slated for release. We donít even know the title yet. Bummer.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Clever, although not earth-shattering books, the Lemony Snicket series was great fun to read and I was looking forward to the movie. I thought Jim Carey was going to do the whole thing justice with his quirky sense of humor. And Carey did just fine. Unfortunately when they made the movie, they just went ahead and combined the first four books together into a giant smorgasbord of unfortunate events that didnít follow any sort of order and was frankly just weird. Iíll admit, after being so excited, the whole thing was a bit painful to watch.

The Lightning Thief

The books were awesome Ė I learned more mythology from this series of fiction than I ever did in school, and I wasnít the only one thrilled to see the movie coming to the big screen. After all, the books had it all Ė adventure, action, mummies, hell hounds, Medusa, exploding toilets. It was like the story could just be lifted from the book and stuck on the screen without any problems. Unfortunately, the ones working the movie magic didnít agree with me. They decided to just start inventing things and putting them in the movie.

Iím okay with the makers of the Harry Potter and Twilight movies removing things to shorten the story Ė the plot doesnít change that way. Iím not okay with taking an excellent story and changing things around just to add in some special effects. Really? Pearls across the United States? Thereís no hydra in the first book Ė thatís the second book! One of the main characters from the rest of the series was never introduced in the first book (Clarisse) and most importantly of all, the overarching theme of the whole series was just removed completely. I mean, who needs a prophecy from the mummy in the attic? Who cares that the whole story revolves around prophecies? Itís far better to have a water fight on the top of New York City skyscrapers than even try to follow the basics of the story.

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Posted On: November 30, 2011
O MY GOODNESS I LOVE PERCU JACKSON! I READ EVERY BOOK! the movie was good, but they did leave some stuff out and mess some of it up. I hope they make the rest of the books to movies though!
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Posted On: December 20, 2010
i know it was never a book, but The Last Airbender was the biggest dissapointment ever! the cartoon series was so amazing but the movie completely killed it!!!
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Granada Hills, CA
Posted On: December 15, 2010
so true, especially for percy jackson! i was disgusted with the movie just by watching the trailers, and the actual thing didn't help matters -_-*
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