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The Great Closet Cleanout @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Great Closet Cleanout (Doll Article)

(July 10, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? If you have piles of clothing shoved in your drawers and stacks hanging in your closet that you havenít looked through in years, itís time to get serious about cleaning out. And what better time to clean out your closet than in the summer when you have plenty of opportunities to find new stuff to fill in the empty spots youíll leave behind?

The Cleansing

Your first step to a really good closet cleanout is to remove everything. Get it out of the drawers and off the shelves. Pull things off the hangers and throw it all on the bed. Since this is a long process, youíll want to start the big cleanout with hours to spare Ė itís going to be intense. Make it a rule that nothing can go back into your closet if itís stained, torn, ripped or unflattering. The exception would be if itís stylishly torn or if you have a collection of work clothing for painting or working on mission trips that can be messy.

The Big Try-On

Once everything is out of your closet, start sorting through it. Pick up the first item and examine it. If you havenít worn it in over a year, you can probably put it in the pile of things you plan to give away or sell. If you think you might wear it, try it on. Check the fit honestly in the mirror. If it looks great, put it away in the closet or drawer. If it fits you oddly or makes you feel out of your element in a way thatís not great, put it in the pile Ė a small wardrobe full of things you love is better than a big one full of stuff thatís just a bit off.

Repeat this step for everything in your closet. Before youíre finished, youíll have tried on every single shirt and every pair of pants. Each time you try something on, check the fit, check the length, check for stains or spots and check to see if you actually like wearing it. Often some of our favorite items arenít the best looking things we wear. If your favorite t-shirt has a hole, put it in the work-out clothes or sleep shirt drawer. Keep your grubby clothes for exercise, sleep or outside work separate from your nice stuff as a rule.

Restocking Your Wardrobe

Be ruthless while you sort things out in your closet and drawers. Anything that hasnít been worn will probably go. Anything that youíve outgrown can go. Anything that is too big or too little can go. At the end youíll have a collection of things that fit you well and look great. The only exception is the items that might fit a bit funny, but if you have them altered, you can have a great item still that is designed to fit your body.

Once youíve pulled everything out, sell it at a used clothing store or give it away to those less fortunate. Then, take yourself to the shops and start slowly rebuilding your wardrobe by finding new pieces to love.

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