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The Fickle Whims of Fashion @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Fickle Whims of Fashion (Doll Article)

(July 24, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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In my lifetime (which isnít very lengthy Ė thank you very much) Iíve already seen so many fashions come and go. Itís amazing how quickly fashions can change and how easily we are swayed into buying something because itís hot right now Ė not necessarily what we should be wearing to look our best. Of course, being young we can get away with far more than weíd be able to if we were grown and serious about careers and such. But still, even if youíre in to trying different things Ė you can almost get whiplash watching the fashions whiz by.

Why Do the Good Things Go?

I am a huge fan of boots. I like the pointy-toed stylish ones, of course, but I like the heavy duty kind as well that are comfortable and keep my feet safe should I find myself wandering into a construction yard accidentally. There was a time that heavy boots were popular for everyone. They were very stylish and you could find them virtually anywhere you went. They had different colors and patterns and I loved it. And then that fad was gone. Can you still find the boots? Sure. But not as easily and itís always more fun to wear them when bright boots are popular Ė not the exception.

Why Do Skinny Jeans Linger?

So some things disappear, but other things just go on and on and on. For example, skinny jeans seem to never die. There are about 10% of women in the worldís population who can wear skinny jeans well. Unfortunately, Iím not one of them, although I hope you are. But for those of us who know we canít wear them and those of us who donít seem to realize that they shouldnít be wearing them Ė please make things like skinny jeans and gauzy, tight tunics go away. Bring back boot cut Ė that was a look I could deal with.

Make Your Own Style

Iím a huge fan of making your own style. In fact, over the last few years Iíve developed a style Iím comfortable with. It has some pieces that are pretty timeless and others that are decidedly trendy, but the good thing is Ė I like them all. My style is a reflection of me, and not necessarily whatís in style at the moment. But even with a healthy attitude about personal comfort, I need to be careful.

Weíve all seen people who are so out of date with current styles that we wonder where in the world they even found an outfit that included high-waisted, tapered jeans. If you love your style Ė great, go with it. But donít get so fixated on what you love that you fail to realize that youíre one of the last few people wearing skinny jeans when they finally go out of style and the rest of us are in loose cargo ones or (hopefully) some flattering boot cut at last.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: August 12, 2010
Oops, it's officially called a Triangle Belt...or beaded triangle belt. All I know is they were super cute and extremely girly. Yeah, I could wear one over a bathing suit, but they looked especially cute with pants.

OH! And the school girl look, lol. I honestly have no idea if this ever WAS a trend, but I remember being excited about growing up so I could wear those plaid skirts with the white stockings and mary janes. Never happend -.- Now plaid skirts are mainly a clique/stereotype sort of thing.

Sure, I could wear any of these if I turly wanted to. But where's the fun in looking 'in style' when no one else thinks you are? Yeah yeah, don't care what other's think, yadda yadda. That's just not how I roll darlin'.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: August 12, 2010
There were a few fads I was really sad to see go.

My most favorite one was the handkerchief thing around the waist? OMG I had this SUPER cute outfit. It was white pants and a light blue and sequinned crochette handkerchief thing. I think I only got to wear it, literally, a handful of times. I held onto the handkerchief thing for YEARS before finally giving up hope that the fashion would ever come back...

I only got to wear it a few times because I was poor growing up. So I was only able to buy the trendy piece after it had been out for several months. By time I got it shorts were back and the coming fall didn't make my wish come true.

My first ever loved fad were these fabric pants. I don't know if they were truly trendy, but the girls at my school LOVED them. They were black and stretchy with emboidered animals on the butt pockets. I never ever got to buy a pair before they went out of style. THAT was depressing as I was the only girl in my class that DIDN'T have a pair...
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