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The Case for Not Wasting Your Summer @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Case for Not Wasting Your Summer (Doll Article)

(July 04, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I was right there with the rest of them at the end of the school year. I needed a break and I needed to just do nothing for a while. Sleep late, play some video games, wear pajamas all day and bake some cookies with friends. It sounded like a dream and I very much liked dreaming it. But then after about five days of essentially nothingness, I woke up (close to noon) and realized that I was wasting these days. I wasnít doing anything productive, and I wasnít going to get the days back that I spent in front of the television or Xbox. I needed to do something real this summer. Do you?

Get a Job!

One option for not wasting the summer is to get a job. Work full-time Ė why not? If you can find a job that pays pretty well and will give you hours upon hours of work, stash that money aside for a trip with friends or a back to school wardrobe. Spend it however you like, but saving it is probably best. Who knows, a few summers of hard work and you might buy your own car as you head off to college.


The world needs us all to start helping out a bit more. With a huge oil spill affecting us all, why not get permission and grab some friends to head down to help? You donít have to go all the way to the coast to help, you can do mission work with any organization. There are endless camps and building opportunities this summer that will give you a chance to work with those less fortunate and really make a difference for someone other than yourself. The feeling you get from helping others is truly powerful.


There is so much to see within driving distance of where you are right now. Get your family committed or grab some friends and head out to see your corner of the world. If you have the funds and a traveling buddy, you can even go and see other corners of the world by taking advantage of some of the less expensive flights and travel options available right now. Just be careful when traveling and follow all of the safety rules out there for young travelers.

Learn Something!

Itís probably too late to sign up for summer school, but it might not be. Check and see if you can take a course this summer. Consider an open enrollment class or perhaps some distance learning through your state. If a school class is simply out of the question, you can still do quite a bit of learning on your own with a guidebook or manual. There are so many videos available to use online to learn how to sew, how to knit, how to carve, how to faux paint your bathroom and how to scrapbook. Before you pick up the controllers again, why not see whatís out there for you to do that youíve always at least been a bit secretly interested in.

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