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The Best Things about Being a Girl @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Best Things about Being a Girl (Doll Article)

(February 05, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There is certainly no secret that being a girl is far preferable to being a boy. Okay, there might be a few people who disagree with this, but since we outnumber them, Iím not going to worry too much about resistance. Iíve given it some thought lately, and Iím reasonably sure Iíve narrowed down the very best things about being a girl.

We Can Look Sloppy On Purpose

Girls have a natural fashion sense, and thankfully we are smart enough to make it stylish to look sloppy. Want to wear your hair up with some sweats? You can do it! Want to wear cut offs and flip-flops to the mall? Youíre the height of cool! Bed-head is an actual style that we strive for and we look adorable no matter what we throw on. Itís a gift.

We Donít Have to Compete for Everything

If youíve been around boys for longer than thirty seconds, you might have an inkling of how much they like to compete for different things. Everything is a competition for attention from girls, a competition over being smarter, stronger, sillier, funnier, you-name-it. Girls donít have this innate need to compete, however. Sure we might fight it out a bit from time to time, but girls can get along easily enough without establishing a hierarchy in our little pack. We can just be friends.

We Can Play Dumb

This is a hard one to actually write down, but I think most savvy females use it from time to time. The expectation for us is to be less intelligent than the boys or men around us. We know, of course, that this isnít true, but it doesnít seem to stop the men from acting as though it is. Playing dumb or just not saying anything at all works beautifully when you want something Ė especially information.

Of course it can be grating if you play dumb all the time, and you should never sell yourself short, but taking a back seat and playing off the stereotype can sometimes be a great thing Ė so long as itís very, very occasional.

We Can Multitask

I have guy friends who are intense. They set out like a bloodhound to hunt down the right answer or the right software or the right quest on some online game, and I might not hear from them for hours at a time. In fact, when you do hear from them, itís like they are coming up for air. They are single-minded and focused.

While we can get that way, we donít always get immersed in things the way boys do. We take care of business for the task at hand, but we float near the surface so that we can hear whatís going on around us as well. In short, we can multitask. Men never had quilting bees. They had barn-raising. While the men competed to push boards around without discussion, women sat and visited for hours while sewing amazing quilts. Enough said. Which is going to serve us better in our new, socially-minded, global economy?

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: February 26, 2011
I agree with everything on here.

But there are a few things I envy the boys about too, lol.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 25, 2011
I'd much rather have a comfy, snuggly quilt personally. XD
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