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The Best Medicine Ė A Hot Shower @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Best Medicine Ė A Hot Shower (Doll Article)

(November 20, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There is nothing quite as redeeming as a hot shower. Stepping into that steaming water and lathering up with some lovely bath gel feels like heaven. If fact, Iím almost convinced that a hot shower, or a hot bath on some occasions, is by far the best medicine for the soul.

Your Mind Is Racing

When your mind starts racing and you canít seem to grasp a thought to work with, you need to take a break. Running or walking to clear your head is a great start, but personally Iím convinced that it is the hot shower that follows that run that truly has restorative properties. Just standing there in the hot relaxing water lets your mind slow down and you can suddenly process thoughts and make a few mental lists of what you need to do next to get your ducks back in a row.

Your Body Is Tired

Rough night? Or perhaps an even rougher day? Put a stop to the ugliness of it all by hopping in the shower. Emerge from a hot shower feeling cleansed and rejuvenated. That hot water will help to relax your tired, tense muscles and the steam will open your lungs and help you breath more deeply to reenergize. Add a nice bath gel in an invigorating scent and youíll be ready for some serious action and ready to put the rougher parts of your day behind you.

You Feel Less Than Fresh

Of course there is always the more standard reason for taking a shower. When youíre feeling rather grungy and you hate the way your hair looks and youíre annoyed with that spot on your chin, perhaps itís time to head to the shower and wash the yucks away. Let that hot water get all the old products out of your hair and layers of make up off your face. Emerge fresh faced and go natural for a while. Leave your hair wet up in a clip and put on lotion under some comfy pajamas or sweats. Feeling your best doesnít always mean looking your best.

Your Heart Hurts

You know when itís coming. There are those situations in life that make our heart ache. Weíve done something wrong or hurt a friend and it hurts us. Weíve broken up with someone we care about, but just didnít care enough about. Weíve failed a class or gotten rejected from our first college choice. The best thing you can do in these situations isnít flop on the bed and cry. Itís head to that hot shower to cry.

Crying in the shower is cleansing both physically and emotionally. The warmth of the shower is comforting and the steam helps you keep breathing through those cleansing sobs. The pounding water of the shower keeps your personal business personal as well Ė sometimes you just want to cry it out without having to explain everything to everyone. The shower is the perfect place to do so.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: December 5, 2009
Hot showers are my favorite cure to PMS cramps. Extra extra hot showers. *heaven*
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