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The Best Indoor Exercises for Girls @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Best Indoor Exercises for Girls (Doll Article)

(November 24, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Cold weather might be invigorating at times, but if youíre anything like me, the cold weather outside makes me want to stay inside even more. Iím a warm weather girl and I like to avoid the chills. Nothing seems worse to me than sweating in freezing weather and then being even more cold and miserable outdoors. Iíll do my exercising indoors thank-you-very-much. Here are a few of my inside exercise favorites.


Grab a yoga mat or towel and turn on your favorite yoga video. If you donít have a favorite yoga video, record a yoga program from the exercise or fitness channel or look for a few programs and moves you can use online. Clear some space in your living room or bedroom and get busy stretching. Yoga isnít a high-impact, burn a million calories kind of exercise, so you might not even work up much of a sweat, but the stretching and movement required to do yoga well is pretty intense and youíll build up some serious muscle power and flexibility if you keep up a good yoga routine over the colder months.


Sometimes it just feels great to blow off the stress of the day by dancing like a maniac out on the dance floor. If you donít have a dance floor, your bedroom floor will do. Plug in some buds or turn up your speakers and get moving. Choreograph your own routines or just pretend youíre in the rave or club for thirty minutes to an hour. If youíre dancing well enough, youíll be sweating buckets and feeling pretty awesome. Dance and music are known to be huge mood boosters, so this might be a great way to get yourself in gear every morning Ė just be sure youíre not dancing like a maniac right over your parentsí bedroom or anything.

Wii Fit

If youíre never tried it, you might be impressed with how much exercise you can do with your Wii. Plug in Wii Fit and you have your own personal fitness trainer talking you through the steps and activities. Wii Fit will let you do a variety of exercises and push you to your limits without ever having to leave a few square feet of floor space. As you improve, your difficulty levels can improve as well and you can keep track of your abilities and improvements which is always an awesome feeling.

Resistance Training

Muscles keep us young and fit, and the winter is a great time to work on building strength rather than speed or endurance. Resistance training can take place with a set of free weights or you can just use special bands to increase your resistance for far less than a weight set. Regardless of which weight set you decide to use, start working out to build up strength in your muscles.

Crunches and the like work on your core strength and squats and lunges work your lower body. Curls and push-ups can work your upper body. Just spending twenty minutes a day on a quick circuit of curls, crunches, push-ups and squats can make a huge difference in your strength and overall well being.

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Kew Gardens, NY
Posted On: January 21, 2012
You can do rhythmic gymnastics in a large-enough room with a carpet Are you talking about things like hoops and ribbons? Those are fun but you just need a long enough space to run through.
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Posted On: November 30, 2011
Good ideas! Im going to test them out! I also kind of have a thing for rythmic gymnastics, but thats a more summery outdoorsey excersize unless you have 50 foot ceilings and no furniture..... -_-
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