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Thanksgiving Fashion @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Thanksgiving Fashion (Doll Article)

(November 15, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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Thanksgiving Crafts Clipart DollsThe holiday season is fast approaching, and with the season comes the obligations. Family gatherings, holiday parties, and nice dinners are all part of the traditions surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas. Despite yours and their best intentions, family gathering can have a serious impact on your fashion sense. If nothing else, you might have to suffer through comments, questions, and odd looks from those who simply don't understand what is fashionable these days, but this bit of annoying stress can certainly be avoided. There are ways you can please both yourself and those well-meaning relatives this year without losing who you really are.

Thanksgiving Crafts Clipart Dolls

Pleasing Grandma

You have a certain look about you, and your parents may or not be okay with it, but they are probably used to it. The same can not be said for the relatives you do not see frequently. Of course, no one wants to leave their fashion identity behind simply for a weekend with grandparents and extended family, but sometimes it is just easier to tone things down a bit.

Too much skin or a lot of dark baggy clothes can get older relatives worked up. Of course, this is great if you are into rebellion right now, but as Thanksgiving and the season as a whole are about spending time together and finding peace and goodwill, it seems wearing a dog collar choker and your daisy dukes to the dinner table might not be in the right spirit.

Grandmas are people, too and many have very different ideas about how teenagers today should dress. You might be blessed with a hip grandmother who loves your latest mini skirt and boots, but on the other end, you might have a grandma pushing floral dresses and jumpers. Believe it or not, finding a happy medium is not as challenging as it might initially seem.

What to Wear

Of course, it is important to wear something that you are comfortable in and that reflects who you are.Thanksgiving Crafts Clipart DollsThat being said, it is important to try and play along with whatever the rest of the family is doing. If everyone is dressing up for dinner on Thanksgiving day, find an outfit that appears dressy, too. If you are not comfortable in skirts or dresses, there are many nice pants outfits. You might have to stretch a bit if you are used to jeans and t-shirts, but trying new things is part of growing up.

Trying things on may be great fun for you, or you may hate it, but the best thing to do in anticipation of finding outfits that suit both your own style and the older adults in your life, is play around with fashion online. The Doll Palace has seemingly countless dolls and doll maker dress up games to inspire you or let you work your own magic. Find an outfit for a casual gathering, or even try out some formal attire for any special occasions you might be attending.

Thanksgiving Crafts Clipart DollsMaintaining your own style this holiday season has never been easier. There are many options of how to blend you style with something more low-key, or step your fashion sense up a notch if you prefer a casual or sporty look. Just remember, not only will your parents be impressed with your maturity for carefully planning outfits in advance, they will also not feel the need to "suggest" you dress like a forty-year old woman. Everyone wins!

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League City, TX
Posted On: January 6, 2007
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Wallis And Futuna Islands
Posted On: November 22, 2006
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Belmont, NC
Posted On: November 21, 2006
the article is really good when is the thanksgiving dolls going public????? ::yes :
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Posted On: November 20, 2006
you have some great fashion advice
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Posted On: November 19, 2006
QUOTE: "Hmm..I'm not really into the Thanksgiving.Sorry, but Halloween is better.Great article though.=] " END QUOTE

LOL I know! Great article, but I LOOOOOOOOVE Halloween!
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Hartington, NE
Posted On: November 18, 2006
do you know if the thanxgiving doll maker will be open to the public soon
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Posted On: November 17, 2006
it's cute... maybe it can be cute
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Posted On: November 16, 2006
Wow. Really a good to keep thinking about!
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Toledo, OH
Posted On: November 16, 2006
hey great article somethings really r improtant to many ppl i dont have parents but my bfs parents r pickie on what i wear r im not even there child lol
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Posted On: November 16, 2006
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Boca Raton, FL
Posted On: November 16, 2006
this is an awsome article this will really acutally help me my grandfather is just like a grandmother and he wants me to wear a long dress with long sleeves....... IN FLORIDA! its crazy but this year i'm gonna wear a cool medium length skirt cute tanktop and a cute mini dress jacket
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Henry, VA
Posted On: November 15, 2006
good article and great information, it really helps to know that
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New Zealand
Posted On: November 15, 2006
yea this article is cool tobad we dont celerbrate thanksgiving over here >.< i could because i am part american and what do i do because our christmas is in summer?? and i cant wear jeans and a jumper like i would??? Help>.
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Chaska, MN
Posted On: November 15, 2006
wooooooooooooo! i am the fifth to comment go number 5! great article. super interesting1
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Posted On: November 15, 2006
Good article.
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