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Team Jacob? Team Edward?... Team Peeta? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Team Jacob? Team Edward?... Team Peeta? (Doll Article)

(December 28, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Why do we all have to be on teams these days? Itís like you canít think a guy from a book or movie is adorable without shunning all of the others. Recently Iíve seen t-shirts and bumper stickers declaring allegiance to the teams comprised of girls honoring Jacob, Edward and Peeta. Not sure who these guys are and why you should join up? Let me enlighten you!

Team Edward: Twilight should be relatively familiar at this point Ė itís a best seller and a major motion picture times three, soon to be four. Edward is the vampire heart-throb of the movie. Heís cold as ice and he sparkles in the sun. The author depicts him in a very cold angelic kind of way and he does moody, broody things like writing a song for the heroine of the book and holding her all night while she sleeps just to watch her while he whispers her lullaby. Vampires donít need sleep, of course. Heís chaste Ė a real gentleman and seems to be in pain a lot when Bellaís around due to his desire and love for her.

Team Jacob: Jacob is the polar opposite of Edward. Edward is cold and remote. Jacob is intense and fiery. Heís actually hot to the touch with a temperature running far above what is normal for a human being, and thatís because heís not an actual human being. Heís a shape shifter. Jacob is Native American and his tribe has a legacy of turning into large wolves when a specific threat is detected nearby. What threat is it, you may ask? Why itís vampires, of course. So Jacob and Edward are natural enemies.

It doesnít help, naturally, that they are both in love with the same girl. Bella, the heroine Ė if you can call her that Ė in the Twilight series seems to vacillate between the two since she actually loves both boys. Ultimately she prefers Edward, which she makes very clear a few times over throughout the series, but Jacob has been strung along and seems to enjoy torturing himself with thoughts of Bella even though heís failed to imprint on her. (Imprinting is like a super duper spiritual bond the wolves feel when they fall in love.) Thereís a reason, of course, but it takes a while to learn what that reason is.

Team Peeta: Peeta has nothing to do with the other two teams. Peeta is from an entirely different series of books, but the basics are almost the same. In The Hunger Games, Peeta is thrown into an arena with a girl named Katniss. Unlike Bella, Katniss can actually take care of business on her own, and she doesnít actually seem to love anyone although she does playact very nicely about a love for Peeta while dismissing any thoughts of love for a guy back home named Gale.

The same sort of love triangle develops with both Peeta and Gale vying for her attention, but not in an obvious way. Katniss is fighting for her life and both boys are essential to her survival in different ways. Ultimately she is forced to pick, but not before some serious tragedy strikes. The Hunger Games movie is supposed to be released sometime in 2011.

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Tracy, CA
Posted On: December 8, 2012
stupid pink diamonds one

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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 8, 2012
I love the Hunger Games! Best books and movie ever. I'm definitely Team Peeta! x)
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Carson City, NV
Posted On: January 19, 2012
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Mission Hills, CA
Posted On: January 7, 2011
THE HUNGER GAMES! \o/ w00t w00t! Best book ever! :] It's funny how happy I got when I saw "Team Peeta" in the title...

Twilight-wise, I'm totally team Jacob since he's so sweet and funny and not serious and brooding the whole time.

But yeah, The Hunger Games. Anybody who reads this comment: if you haven't read The Hunger Games, read it. NAOOOO. It's even better than Twilight. :B
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: December 31, 2010
I've always been Team Edward in the books. But the first two movies I could NOT STAND the love-acting between Bella and Edward, it seemed, on screen, that Jacob and Bella had WAY more chemistry.

So for a while I was torn when it came to which version, book or movie.

Then the most recent movie came out and it seemed as if Bella and Edward's chemistry finally synced. I still adore Jacob (yes, the body WAY more than Edward) but I'm a girl after Love's Heart, not it's L.ust.

As for Peeta...never heard of it. xD
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