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Summer Time Flirting Tips @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Summer Time Flirting Tips (Doll Article)

(June 30, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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You donít have the benefits of lockers and lunch tables over the summer to help you communicate with the boys you like. In the summer you donít have much protection at all meaning you and your emotions are much more out in the open. This can be a good thing as being honest and open often leads to positive results, but all that openness can also make it awkward and embarrassing if youíre not ready to let the world know you love Bobby or Joe or Steve or whomever.

But ready for love or not, the summer is a great time for flirting. The warm weather and endless hours of fun make it easy to strike up a conversation and then, if the mood is right, throw in a few hints that you might really be into the guy. If youíre not sure what kinds of hints to drop, here are some easy flirting tips that might just help you out.

Touch Skin

The easiest way to let someone know you care is the lingering touch. While this sounds like something reserved for smutty movies, really it only means you touch the back of someoneís hand or his armÖ and then wait before you pull away. You touched him and you lingered.

While it will work to touch his shoulder or back, ideally the touch should be on exposed skin. Touch a bare arm or a bare shoulder. Your hand touching his skin will send a very clear message that youíre interested. Be careful that you do only a very little bit of touching as otherwise he might think youíre TOO interested or he might get the wrong message about what exactly youíre interested in. One touch for less than ten seconds is plenty to get the message across.


Nothing says, ďIím Interested!Ē like a radiant smile. When a boy looks at you that youíre interested in, give him a million dollar grin that he canít mistake for anything else. Make eye contact with him Ė it should be easy if heís looking at you, and smile. It might feel funny if youíre used to looking away when someone looks at you, but force yourself to be bold and smile that beautiful smile.


There is something about a little eye twitch that sends a very clear message indeed. Look your crush in the eye and smile and laugh during the conversation. Then, when the moment is right, like when your best friend mentions the big bonfire youíre having that night, catch your manís eye and wink. A little mischievous grin works well with that wink to make the message even clearer. The wink shows youíre interested, but heíll have to ask you for clarification as to what it actually meant. Perhaps heíll pull you aside at that bonfire for a quiet chat about it.

Touch Your Skin

Again, it sounds much worse than it is, but touching your own exposed skin shows interest. For instance, while youíre visiting with the boy you like, prop your chin on the top of your hand and let your fingertips graze your collar bones. His eyes will be drawn to your neck and heíll see how lovely it is and just have to ask you to marry him, or maybe just your username Ė whatever.

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Hayfield, MN
Posted On: July 29, 2008
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United Kingdom
Posted On: July 4, 2008
thankz alot!
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Posted On: July 2, 2008
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: July 2, 2008
cute, but don't bite your lower lip. For some reason, boys seem to think that when you do that, you want a kiss.


just twirl a bit of hair with your finger tips while you're talking to him, and look him in the eyes. Very clear message.
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Posted On: July 1, 2008
Hehe, flirting... it's weird, but romantic. In a very, weird, and freakish way.. But still, it's romantic.

I'm not to good with romance. I'm better off just writing about it.

Good article though.
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Posted On: July 1, 2008
nice tips. another good tip is to point to your lips like your thinking, and he'll probably start imaginging hes kissing you. me and my friends do that all the time

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United Kingdom
Posted On: July 1, 2008
This is proper flirty. Me!!!!!!!!: cool/cameron-diaz-topless-bikini/cameron -diaz-topless-01.jpg

(soz if i brok my own rullz)
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Posted On: July 1, 2008
Your username. Cute. I dont need flirting tips, but thanks a zillion. lol. My boyfriend will wonder who possessed me
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Parchment, MI
Posted On: July 1, 2008
gud article [:
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