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  Summer Love (Doll Article)

(May 31, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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It's almost my favorite time of the year – summer! I've always loved summer, not just for the nice weather, cute clothes, and no school, but for all the exciting things that happen over the summer. My personal favorite is the wonderfully exciting summer love.

There are two kinds of summer love that seem to happen every year, and I've tried them both. A couple of times I've had a boyfriend at the end of the school year, and he is also my summer love. Other times, I've managed to end the year without a boyfriend which leaves me free and clear for adventure and meeting new people. Both are fun and I don't really have a preference for one over the other.

My Summer Boyfriend

When you already have a boyfriend, considering he is a good one, he'll be fun to have around over the summer. You already know him, so there isn't that embarrassment about saying the wrong thing or going to the beach together. You can relax a lot more with him than you could with some new guy.

Having a ready-made summer love also means you get to hang out with him and his friends without any extra drama. You have your own friends and you have his friends. Between the two groups there should be plenty of stuff going on this summer. Head to the beach with his buddies and their girls and then let off steam with your girlfriends later than night when they sleep over. It's the best of both worlds!

My Summer Flings

Sometimes being single is the way to go. I've never had to make the choice, but I know a few friends who dumped a guy at the end of the school year because he was basically dead weight. The guy was usually nice, but there just wasn't much between them anymore, so they broke up in hopes of having more fun over the summer. I was fortunate to not have to make that choice. I just somehow wound up single, and was totally okay with it.

When you're single over the summer, you get a chance to meet new people without worrying about flirting too much or putting off the wrong vibe. If you have a boyfriend, especially one with jealousy issues, you might risk making him mad just by saying hi to other people. Without a boyfriend, you can talk to whomever you want – just be sure the guy isn't already taken if you're trying out your hard-core flirting techniques.

Some of the most fun I've had with flings have been at camps. Something about getting thrown in together with one hundred other boys and girls away from home at a sweaty hot camp just makes love blossom. Your school reputation doesn't matter at camp, and you can be free to be as silly or crazy as you'd like because you won't see most of the people again in another week anyway.

I've met a few boys at camps over the years, and they are a lot of fun to flirt with. Both of us knew it wasn't serious, but having someone to dance with and laugh with was a blast, and I've been known to kiss one or two the last night of camp. It certainly makes for fun memories.

Summer is coming, so enjoy it! Find a boy or keep the one you've got. Have a good time in the sun and remember that you should be young and carefree. You only have a few months before you're trapped back in the classroom, so make this time count!

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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 17, 2007
i'm getting closer and closer to asking tht boy out .... ,when i talk 2 him i can look into his eyes and he can look into mine if that makes sence its like a sort of connection ... can any1 help???? plz
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United Kingdom
Posted On: July 13, 2007
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Sappington, MO
Posted On: July 10, 2007
good artical this guy likes me (he wrote a note 2 me that said he did) so i dunno if hes going 2 ask me out but of he does i'll turn him down (NICELY!) cuz i just am just not ready 2 go out! (look at my age!!!!!)
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Gilbert, AZ
Posted On: June 27, 2007
Thanks so much lolpuffy.but it really hurts cause i really liked him and now he wont call but im not quit over it but i really miss him and i dont have him number which really stinks.
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Gilbert, AZ
Posted On: June 12, 2007
I really like this article.I need some advice...So on the last week of school i meat this really great boy Blake...hes the greatest but omg he has so many friends that are girls and i sort of get jelous even though there JUST FRIENDS? but... im not sure if he has a hes in a totally different class and scedule so i barely see on the last day of school i thought that i would give him a note that says call me with my number and a note and how i feel about very out my bestfriend Gabbrielle and i went up to his classroom...on the last day of school and the room was all dark i was so nervous...but when i opened the door i froze and blake was standing right there so i looked right into his eyes and said here... have a good summer and he hugged me... his friends kept telling me that he liked me so i figured he did and i gave him my number and he wont call....i really really like him and he made me cry someone message me giving me some advice
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Posted On: June 9, 2007
Oh! i love them!
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Posted On: June 5, 2007
personally, romance of any kind isn't for me. unless it's spin the bottle or truth or dare. but other than that romance sux, and it hurts pretty bad sometimes.

that basically sums it up...
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Baltimore, MD
Posted On: June 4, 2007
Hmm...a certen Dena Carter song comes to mind...
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Posted On: June 3, 2007
Sadly, I'm 16 and have never even been on a date. ^__^;; I have such a low self image that I don't really like romance anymore, I just don't. But, whatever, right? At least I have my rockstars to look at. 8'D
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Columbia, SC
Posted On: June 2, 2007
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cool I get a boy friend maybe this summer yeah!!!
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Bon Air, VA
Posted On: June 2, 2007
i aked out my 1st gu y yest erday and he said he didnt know if he was ready.i havent talked to him since but hewas sad

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South Park Villa, WA
Posted On: June 2, 2007
Not quite ready for a bf,I like a guy but I don't really think it's a good idea to ask him out. (plz don't ask about it)

Sometimes I wish I had a bf too,but I feel more freedom being single .
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: June 2, 2007
great article!

i remeber my first summer love... he gave me my first kiss...

good old time
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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 2, 2007
Gosh, I remember my summer flings like they were yesterday. Remembering all the nice and cute boys I went out with sort of makes me regret being in a serious relationship with my current boyfriend... I do love him a lot, I just wish I'd met him later that I did.

Just a tip girls... don't settle for a guy too early, like I've done. I see all of my friends get new boyfriends, play the field, and sometimes I wish I was like them. But there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages to having a serious boyfriend you can really count on.

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Posted On: June 1, 2007
I love my friend Tyler and i went out with him once...but he has a gf now..which i think isnt ohhkay cuz he broke up with me because we didnt get to see each other..but i go to his church and he would get to c me more than he would c her if we went out this summer..i will mention it to him..we r open like that

great article
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