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Summer Fashion: Finding Your Best Summer Look @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Summer Fashion: Finding Your Best Summer Look (Doll Article)

(May 18, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I used to think that the fashions in summer magazines were the standard for all of us when it came to dressing properly for the summer months. Short shorts and camis were some kind of rule rather than an option and while those are fun to wear sometimes, I realized just recently that my best summer look is probably not one that leaves the majority of my not-so-tanned body bare. In fact, short shorts and tank tops arenít even particularly comfortable for me to wear.

Your Summer Look Is Personal

Fashion plates and magazines are great for letting us know whatís hot, but there are so many different things that are fashionable at a particular time, itís not hard to find something to really suit you Ė even if itís different than what the popular crowd is wearing at your school. Take the short shorts, for example. They are super cute on a lot of girls, but I have some serious muscle in my thighs left over from biking and weight lifting. When I wear short shorts, the material actually tends to roll up over the front of my leg Ė and thatís just annoying. I look cute when Iím standing, but the minute I sit down, I have a bad case of rolling shorts. I finally just acknowledged that longer shorts or sun dresses are more flattering and more comfortable.

Activity Level and Styles

Another problem I had with muscles and skimpy summer clothing is that I like to exercise in the summer, too. And I discovered that summer exercise produces a great deal more sweat, even if youíre just walking around. When youíre wearing those short shorts and skimpy tops, I actually started sticking to things. If I was a bit sweaty from a few shots of the basketball outside and sat down on the plastic bench to rest for a minute I got stuck there. I literally had to peel the back of my thighs off the bench. It happened in the car, too and in most chairs I sat in. Itís annoying. In addition to those longer shorts and sundresses, I quickly added long athletic shorts to my collection of real summer clothing.

Wear Whatís Comfortable

Donít misunderstand me Ė I love summer fashions and I think short shorts and what not are fun, especially when youíre young and can really enjoy those sorts of styles. I just think itís a shame that we arenít encouraged to find options outside of what is considered ďthe normĒ for teens. Donít ever feel pressured to wear something because itís featured in a fashion magazine or because your best friend thinks itís the best thing since sliced bread. If itís not comfortable and if you feel awkward wearing it Ė donít. This works both ways. I hate having my legs stick to stuff in rolling up short shorts. I have friends that hate to feel confined in longer shorts that donít leave their legs bare to move easily. Whatever you decide to wear, be sure it feels good, it looks good and it makes you feel good wearing it.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: June 10, 2010
Ditto for the summery tops. I just put on wrap jackets and cardigans over my shirts because I don't have any long sleeved shirts. I'm either constantly pulling them down or pushing them up, lol.

I would love to start wearing sundresses, but I can never find any that look good on me. I think it's because I fail at being colorful xD
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Posted On: June 10, 2010
I"m the opposite Lovie, I hate long shorts and capris, but I love short shorts. I only have long shorts because we weren't allowed to wear short shorts last year at my old school. I find capris uncomfortable to walk in, and I find on me they look like pants that have shrunk.

I LOVE sundresses, I'm currently building up my collection. Pretty much all of the tops I own are summery styles, I dislike sleeves.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: June 10, 2010
Wow, wish I had a friend like you when I was in school! I always hated those short shorts (and still do!), but never had the courage to wear longer ones because I thought everyone would think I was wierd or something.

My favorite summer clothing is and will always be capris. They're still feminine but not totally embarassing to wear. I don't think I could walk comfortably around in long shorts, even now with no judgmental friends, because it just wouldn't feel right and I think it's been etched into my fashion sense that people will think I'm wierd or a tomboy. Which it really doesn't help that my sister wears long shorts, she's a FULL ON tomboy, so that's just what I think of long shorts now. I see them and think "My sister would like these" xD
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