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  Stay Young Forever (Doll Article)

(February 03, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There is a huge emphasis on women (and some men) to stay young forever. Of course, most of these women are trying to look twenty-five when they are fifty, and that is certainly their business. What Iíd like to do is to stay mentally young and feel good as long as possible Ė hopefully forever.

Staying Physically Young

Iím sure Iíll be outraged at every wrinkle and line someday, so I throw on some sunscreen. But while my face is important, whatís more important is the state of my body. After the teenage years, our bodies start to lose muscle tone every year unless you physically work to put it back. It is the muscle in your body that makes you youthful and limber. It is the muscles that help you stand up straight and give you energy. So I plan to focus most of my ďstay young foreverĒ energies on weight training and my overall health Ė not a particular face cream.

If you want your body to feel young forever, there is never a point where you can stop exercising, by the way. There are seventy-year-old men (and women) who run marathons and there are people of the same age who can barely move. Exercise over the entire lifetime is the big difference.

Staying Mentally Young

So Iíll be exercising with a focus on building up muscles for the next ninety years, but what Iím really looking forward to is keeping my mind young forever. I enjoy my life now. I have minimal responsibilities and I enjoy the ones I do have. I have hobbies that I really like and am good at and Iím more focused on having fun than on ďacting my age.Ē Think of the fun loving grannies in movies or maybe youíre lucky enough to have one in your life Ė these women donít suddenly become fun at eighty. They work on it and so will I. Hereís how:

Iíll Make a Career Out of Having Fun
I need money and will have big bills, of course, but if I can pay those bills doing what I like, why shouldnít I? Taking a job for money will certainly pay the bills, but taking a job because itís fun and happens to also be paid is so much better.

I Wonít Worry About Money
I think the happiest people are the ones who make do with what they have and move on with life. The ones stressed about money all the time wonít be enjoying life the way Iíd like to. However much I make at my fun job, Iíll set up automatic bill pay, let the bank take care of it, and get back to my life with whatís left over.

Iíll Be Silly
I think itís important to be silly and not worry too much about what others think of you. Of course, itís best to be silly around friends who are also comfortable with a bit of craziness, but if Iím not lucky enough to have friends to be crazy with, Iíll borrow someoneís kids.

Iíll Laugh Everyday
Laughter is the best medicine and the most you laugh the happier and younger you feel. I will find a way to laugh every day and most importantly, Iíll be able to laugh at myself.

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Saint Charles, MO
Posted On: August 6, 2009
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New Zealand
Posted On: March 12, 2009
I don't think you can stay young forever... but physically, lots of people try. But I think this article applies to older people. Love that long "Forever Young", though!

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Grangerland, TX
Posted On: February 28, 2009
I don't care how I look as Long as I can keep a youthful mentality so my kids and grandkids can pass on a story about me and how fun I could be. But, still, I agree with never_more. I do hope for as much wisdom as I can possibly achieve so I can be more than the 'fun adult'.
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Posted On: February 28, 2009
"Staying young forever" can mean a lot of things. I think it really depends on how you chose to look at it. Like, I think staying young forever doesn't mean youíll stay immature, or that youĎll never have responsibilities... I think it means more like being in touch with your inner kid.

Kids always know how to have fun, and -normally- they don't worry as much as ground ups.

I don't think that made sense, but whatever.. XD

I plan on staying a kid forever.
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Posted On: February 27, 2009
Being young forever would suck because you would never be able to experience anything as an adult. No marriage, no moving, no first house. It would be boring. Besides, having no responsibility would be boring after a while.
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Tacoma, WA
Posted On: February 23, 2009
I am really a random crazy! lol. =]]. I'm also laughable, I mean if something funny happens of course I have to laugh but if it happens to my friends well I kinda keep my laughter in but I'll laugh on the inside. lol im so happy today. 2/23/09 WOOOH 09 PPLX XDD
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: February 23, 2009
For a second, I thought this was going to be some form of review on the book "Tuck Everlasting."

But it wasn't.

I don't want to stay forever young, I want to grow up and experience life. I want the wisdom old age brings, and the happiness one can achieve by growing, physically and mentally.
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