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Spring Break @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Spring Break (Doll Article)

(March 16, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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It's an exciting time of year. Even if there is still snow on the ground, there is a definite twist in the air, and you can feel spring just around the corner. It's almost time to start weeding all of those bulky winter clothes out of your closet and trying on bathing suits. Of course, you might still need some heavy clothes, or you might have to hurry and get your swim suit depending on your plans this year for that almighty of school holidays – spring break.

Blessed Break

Every since the winter break, it's been hard to get into the groove at school. There are a lot of lectures and tests this time of year, and with the weather outside being cold and dreary most of the time, it's hard to be excited about anything. Fortunately, the powers that be seem to know how hard it is to get up and go these days, and they've scheduled a convenient holiday, spring break.

Depending on where you go to school, your spring break may be early in the season or late and some lucky individuals get more than a single week off. Regardless of how long you are off, you're most likely thankful for every blessed minute you're not sitting in class listening to your teacher drone on and on. Well, actually, you haven't really been paying attention to your teacher lately anyway – you've been planning what you're going to do over your break.

The Beach

One of the most popular destinations for spring break (at least according to MTV who lives there for a few weeks) is the beach. There is nothing better than peeling off layers of sweaters and jackets, donning an adorable bikini and hitting the rays and sand. Who cares if most of your skin hasn't seen the light of day for months at a time? There is no time like the present.

The beach is especially popular with college and some high school kids who pack into hotel rooms and start looking for a bit of a festive nightlife. Lie on the beach all day, party and dance all night. Wow – that alone is worth a few months of tough studies. Even if you're stuck going to the beach with your family, you can still have fun. It will just be a bit calmer.

Maybe the party scene isn't for you, but there are lots of things to do that don't involve rowdy college students. Try something exciting like parasailing or snorkeling. Or just lay around with a good book and get caught up with your family. They are people, too. The best thing about going with family, though, is that you can get in a bit of "quality time" and let Mom or Dad worry about the bills while you gather some warmth.

The Mountains

Perhaps you're shunning the beach this year and heading toward the hills. Skiing is another popular spring break activity. The weather isn't as icy as it is during the winter months, and the attitude is usually pretty laid back at the resorts. Pack your ski gear and head to the mountains for a good time with friends or family.

Spend the morning on the slopes or on your snowmobile and then relax in the hot tub or hot springs that are usually standard at most condos or hotels. Food is usually great and there are lots of cute mountain shops to try out. Don't be surprised if your find some great bargains on ski clothes for next year or even some neat items for the rest of this year.

Little towns like ski villages also attract some of the most creative artists, including jewelry artists. Take a look around and see if you can score a one-of-a-kind bracelet or ring to make your friends drool over.

Wherever you spend your break, be it warm or cold, have fun. This is the beginning of the end as far as the school year goes, and it's time to celebrate. Kick back, relax, and if you need help planning your vacation wardrobe, know that you can always count on The Doll Palace "dress up girls" to help.

Do you have any good ideas about the Spring Break?

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Anchorage, AK
Posted On: September 19, 2007
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Posted On: April 7, 2007
i have to go back monday the 9th but i had the 2-6 of april off.
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Cavour, WI
Posted On: March 28, 2007
hi, I love you! peace friends!!!
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: March 18, 2007
Late once more. I went to D.C.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: March 18, 2007
I am in no way looking forward to a week of nothing to do. I don't like school and the week off is nothing short of a blessing. But all my friends are going away this year. They are going to the Florida Keys, California, West Palm Beach, Miami, and one friend is going to Texas. What am I going to do all vacation! PLEASE write an article on what to do if your family can't afford to go away because your dumb older brother is going away to a private school! :/

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Posted On: March 18, 2007
I'm going away! I travel a lot.
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Posted On: March 17, 2007
the school i go to i started yesturday but next year i would have it for 2 weeks starting a week ago!
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Cordova, TN
Posted On: March 17, 2007
yesterday was my last day of spring break i have to go back monday ughh!!
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Weston, MO
Posted On: March 17, 2007
I don't get many breaks at all for my school- just a week and a half for winter and the summer one.
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Midpark, OH
Posted On: March 17, 2007
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New Zealand
Posted On: March 17, 2007
over here it is Autumn(fall) so it will be winter very soon so holidays(3 weeks 2 go^_^) will be cold
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Okolona, KY
Posted On: March 16, 2007
I love spring break!!!
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Oak Lawn, IL
Posted On: March 16, 2007
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: March 16, 2007
i get two! my school starts a week earlier!!! maybe i'll try to do both...
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Glendale, CA
Posted On: March 16, 2007
all the good movies come out during the american march break. canada doesnt have any nice beaches @ the beginning of march...
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