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Spring Break Get-A-Ways @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Spring Break Get-A-Ways (Doll Article)

(March 05, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Itís hard to believe that spring break is only about a month away. The winter seems to be just dragging on, but at least thereís a nice break coming. The question is Ė how are you planning to spend your spring break?

Head to the Warmth!

Beaches and the warm south might be calling your name. While the coastal cities of Florida are beautiful, there are plenty of warm spots to go that arenít going to be packed to the gills with other vacationing students. If youíre into party crowds, you can find some in just about any beach town, but you can also warm up with friends in cities like Austin and New Orleans. No beaches around, for the most part, but plenty to do and plenty of warm weather. If you want something warm and youíd rather skip the city scene completely, grab a tent and do some camping. The farther south you go, the warmer it will be and you donít have to go within miles of a major city or bikini to enjoy it.

Head to the Cold!

Has it been cool, but not cold enough for a ďrealĒ winter sport? Take advantage of the last few weeks of snow up in the mountains for some serious skiing fun. A group of you or your family can rent a condo for something resembling a reasonable rate and hit the slopes. Even if you donít spend that much time skiing, you can spend plenty of time hiking through snowy woods, burning wood in the fireplace, sitting in the hot tub and stomping snow off your boots after traipsing through the adorable ski towns that populate the mountains.

Enjoy the Solitude!

Sometimes crowds are great, but sometimes youíd really just rather be alone. If youíve been overwhelmed this semester and just need a true break from it all, you donít have to go anywhere at all. Let everyone leave the dorm and head out on grand adventures while you head to the movie store for popcorn and fifteen of your favorite movies. Crawl onto the couch with a blanket and slippers and just sleep as much as you want watching movies and reading books in between. Go for long walks just to stretch your legs and explore and catch up on any projects or books you need to read for class. You might not come home with souvenirs, but youíll be rested, caught up and ready to finish up this semester with a clear head and conscience.

Enjoy Your Family!

Donít knock staying home with your family over spring break. Close families are truly awesome and if you donít fully appreciate yours now you will in the future. Spend time together goofing off in the kitchen or playing the full game of Monopoly. Start an ongoing chess or checker tournament and pull out all four video game controllers for the Wii or Xbox. Invite friends over part of the time, but save some time for just hanging out together with your family.

Share your best spring break experiences below!

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