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  Soundtrack to My Life (Doll Article)

(January 04, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Have you ever randomly heard a song that had a huge impact on you? It seems to happen to me quite frequently. I might hear a song and be instantly transported back in time to a certain event or occasion. Other songs just seem to speak to me Ė I might start dancing, humming or even crying along. The power of music is undisputed, and music is very much a part of my life. In fact, Iím convinced that all of those songs that keep coming back to me and make me stop in my tracks are part of the soundtrack to my life.

My Life, the Movie

No, I donít particularly want to be a movie star, but stepping back from my day-to-day is fun on occasion. Sometimes itís necessary because Iíve become so overwhelmed by all that I do. But when I stop to look back in time and consider what lays ahead of me, things tend to unwind just like a movie starring me. Iím the center of my movie and other characters come and go. Some are supporting actors such as my family and close friends that are there for the duration. Others are romantic interests and there are always a few enemies, I guess. But most of all, my life the movie wouldnít be complete without the right songs accompanying it.

I Pick the SongsÖOr the Songs Pick Me

I donít listen to as wide a variety of music as Iíd like. Sometimes my first exposure to a particular song is through a commercial. (Thanks, Gap!) Other times I try out a few new songs because I like an artist or listen to that kind of music all the time. Iím convinced, however, that songs from a life soundtrack donít all belong in one kind of music. Just as your life progresses down one path with many twists and turns, your soundtrack will do the same.

My Soundtrack

So, you might be wondering whatís on my soundtrack. To tell you the truth, Iím not sure I know the complete album myself. I can easily list a handful of songs that make the list at the moment and even the parts of my life where they apply, but Iím assaulted by memories at least a few times every month when I hear a song from forever ago that absolutely must join the list. Other times, I hear a song, want it for my soundtrack, but canít get the title or author for a bit. But for a sampling:

The River by Garth Brooks brings back sentimental memories of camp one summer. A boy asked me to dance to this song, and I had no idea that he even realized I was at camp that summer. He was a very nice guy and cute, too. It was the first time he spoke to me Ė and the last. But he made such an effort to come across the room and ask me, someone heís never spoken to before, to dance to such a powerful song. *sigh*

Hold On by Wilson Phillips makes me think of my sisters. We got a hold of a Wilson Phillips album years ago and listened to it over and over again while playing video games. Weíd turn the sound off on the games and make the album songs the impromptu soundtrack instead. (I guess I just have a think for self-created soundtracks)

Love Story by Taylor Swift will be part of my soundtrack, but Iím not sure what role it will play just yet. The song might be trivial and fun, but it gives me goose bumps thinking that such a love is possible. The song might become a symbol of what I will find, or it might serve as a reminder to never settle for less than something magical.

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Posted On: April 25, 2009

Sorry about that.
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Posted On: April 25, 2009
Silent_Wolf I started listening to Rise Against and I really like Pray of the Refugee. I can see why you picked it by what you said.

I can't tell if I have a soundtrack to my life, but I can relate to some music very well so I guess I might.
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Capitola, CA
Posted On: February 9, 2009
ok here we go.

Ohio is For Lovers, Hawthorne Heights

That's Okay, The Hush Sound

Miserable at Best, Mayday Parade

You be the Anchor that keeps my Feet on the Ground, Mayday Parade

Your Guardian Angel, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Lindsay Quit Lollygagging, Chiodos

Rooftops, Lostprophets

The Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Fall Out Boy

and that's all i can remmeber at the time. i have more, but those are some of the most amazing songs i've ever heard. they impact me so much, and not to mention, have all made me either cry, or at least think ya know?
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Posted On: January 31, 2009
you belong with me by taylor swift is mine because i have this friend that i have had a crush on for a while and he keeps dating these ugly girls
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Alexandria, VA
Posted On: January 17, 2009
1. Somewhere in Between by Hawthorne Heights

2. Schrei by Tokio Hotel

3. I think I'm Paranoid by Garbage
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Ripon, WI
Posted On: January 15, 2009
Yeah, mine would have Innocence by Avril Lavigne too. Probably Second Chance by Shinedown. Collasped by Aly & AJ too. I really like I'm Only Me When I'm With You and that seemed to apply for a while. I probably have a bigger soundtrack, I just don't feel like thinking.

Random Quote:

Person being hung: I don't think this is what they meant by hangman.

Villager: Oh my gosh! HE'S ALIVE!?!? EVERYBODY RUN!

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Posted On: January 11, 2009
I think one of my songs would be Innocence by Avril Lavigne. :]
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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 11, 2009
River Flows In You by Yiruma isn't Bella's Lullaby. Not officially. Don't believe everything you see on YouTube.
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Posted On: January 10, 2009
okay, so my soundtrack.

anyone ever heard bella's lullaby from twilight? the real song is called river flows in you by yiruma i think.

idk y but that songs made a huge impact in my life.
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Posted On: January 9, 2009
Geez my song would probably be Simple Plan-Welcome to my life sadly, it reminds me of my social life at school...yeah....
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Grangerland, TX
Posted On: January 8, 2009
Stand in the Rain by Superchick.

Yup thats thhe first song on my soundtrack, mostly because it helps me in tough times and reminds me of everything I got through, but also because it's a song everyone I met can relate too. And that's a great way to start a new friendship.

I also have ALOT of other songs that could be on my soundtrack, but somehow I think some part of my body would implode if I dare try to list them all.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: January 7, 2009
The main song in my soundtrack?

Do You Feel by The Rocket Summer.

Then it would probably be

The Alamo is No Place For Dancing by The Scene Aesthetic.

Yep. Because I want to change the world for he first one,

and because I left part of my heart with a boy in Texas (even though they're singing about a girl, it doesn't matter. I really just love that song, and it kinda fits).
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Weirton, WV
Posted On: January 7, 2009
Well, a song I feel describes me is Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against. Yeah, yeah, you people who think all rock is the devil's tune, scream at me. I dare you. The reason for the song is that I hate, hate, HATE having people try to help me when I clearly do not need it. They think I'm some kind of moron, some kind of weakling, or they think that just because I'm a fat chick that I need help in my life. I. Don't. Need your flipping help. I don't need you to pick up my backpack, my books, my coat, I don't need to tell you every single one of my problems. I just want to be left to my own devices, thanks very much.
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Posted On: January 7, 2009
I often pick songs for moments I remember, too. I probably have a soundtrack, but it would take me forever to decide which ones to add.
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