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Sneaky Summer Reading – Banned Books @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Sneaky Summer Reading – Banned Books (Doll Article)

(July 18, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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If you’re already bored this summer, you need some exciting reading. And since some of the most anticipated novels of the summer are still not out on shelves, you’ll have to sneak around.

If you’re a library junkie, you may have noticed a display dealing with banned and challenged books. These are books that have been pulled from library shelves, or almost pulled in most cases, because something in the books is considered offensive to someone out there who threw a fit about it. And if adults think a book is offensive or inappropriate for kids, you can be sure kids will want to read it.

If you’re looking for some juicy scandal this summer, try a few of these on for size:

Bridge to Terabithia – Banned from many libraries soon after it was published and still challenged by parents today because of language and elements of magic and paranormal activity.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Banned from libraries back in 1885 because it was “trash.” It’s still a hot topic today due to slavery and racial issues presented in the novel. I guess Mark Twain was before his time.

Freedom Writer’s Diary – The book was banned in at least one town due to racial slurs and sexual content. I wonder if the award winning movie was banned, too?

Flowers For Algernon – Banned in many states for language and communication issues related to a character trying to express his feelings.

Fahrenheit 451 – Ironically, this book is banned in many schools because it is felt the novel criticizes censoring books.

The Giver – Many object to Lois Lowry’s award winning novel because it contains discussion of euthanasia (medical-assisted killing.)

All Harry Potter Books – All seven of the books have been challenged and banned all over the world because of witchcraft.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – A children’s book by a beloved author is banned in many states because it pokes fun at politics.

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket’s works are banned in Decatur, Georgia thanks to implied (and probably nonexistent) incest references and the “D” word – and I don’t mean the Hoover Dam.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – One of the most publicized novels dealing with slavery before the Civil War, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is banned in many southern states and is challenged by the NAACP for alleged racism and racial slurs related to African-Americans. It was also banned in Russia for a century or so.

Other books that are frequently challenged and possibly banned you might grab this summer:

The Scary Stories Series i.e Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Schwartz
Forever by Blume
The Goosebumps Series by Stine
The Color Purple by Walker
A Wrinkle in Time by L'Engle
The Stupids (a picture book) by Allard
Anastasia Krupnik by Lowry
Blubber by Blume
Killing Mr. Griffith by Duncan
What's Happening to my Body? Book for Girls: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & Daughters by Madaras
The Outsiders by Lowry
A Light in the Attic by Silverstein
Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret by Blume
Lord of the Flies by Golding
Where’s Waldo by Hanford

Any guesses why there were banned?

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Posted On: September 1, 2008
We had a ton of the "a wrinkle in time" books in my classroom last year,we even had the sequals o.o

But i'm gld the teacher never made us read them..unstead she read us Freak the Mighty and made us watch the movie. -.-
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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 16, 2008
Lord Of The Flies seriously rules as a book; if you're old enough, I would also recommend The Wasp Factory and the His Dark Materials trilogy.
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Daniels, MD
Posted On: August 14, 2008
What's Happening to my Body? Book for Girls: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & girls is what htey brought
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Daniels, MD
Posted On: August 14, 2008
someone in my sis class brought a vevy inapropiate book to school and and growing up for girls her parts and the girl tht was in it got their oms and dads called v.v they were the popular ones haha
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Anna, TX
Posted On: August 10, 2008
I think the banning for a lot of these is ridic.ulous... the banning people took some things too seriously. I agree with everyone else... what happened to freedom of speech here?
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Aspen Hill, MD
Posted On: August 9, 2008
I found a big book in the library that lists banned books. And I found alot of the books that my school made kids read were banned.
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Posted On: August 1, 2008
I've read the Lorax, all the Harry Potters, Are You There God? (which I found in my school library, gasp! Perhaps Australian schools are less censor-riffic? I know I've found some pretty... graphic books by reading the first thing i grab)

I read some goosebumps, they were at my primary school... A lot of them involved death, too, which at 10 I of course thought was really cool. And I think i read Scary Stories to Read In The Dark, although it might have been something else.

I reccommend books by Jane Green for 15s and over. A little graphic (and therefore probably banned, doubling the fun) but very interesting, and really fun! Mr. Maybe is my favourite

Oh, and if anyone's looking for the Lorax... Well, for starters, plant some truffula trees. But really, search online for 'the lorax' and the whole thing is there, it's really sweet and sort of 'Dr Seuss does environmentalism'
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Rochester, MN
Posted On: July 26, 2008

they were banned from many places for many stupid reasons i bet. ive read a few of those books from my school library though, so their not banned everywhere.
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Posted On: July 25, 2008
i lmao at that i've read many of those books when i was like 9 and none of them are bad i mean come on you're banning farenheit 451 and my brother had to read it for school much the same with the giver when i was in 6th grade

whats wrong with a light in the attic? its a book of POEMs for godds sake

a wrinkle in time that is on the schools reccomended reading list

bridge to terrabethia - whats wrong with that one ? my teacher in 4th grade had it on her shellf and we've all read it and it was even so good that they made a movie out of it!

huckelberry fin -that is a classic ! how is it banned ? they do playes based on that book

the harry potter books, the series of unfourtunate events, and the goosebumps series are ALL on the elementary book shelves, they are all good ones!

uncle toms cabin, isn't that a CLASSIC book about slavery?

the lorax. are you trying to tell me that the picturebooks that dr. seuss wrote are bad to read ? I READ THAT IN pre-k

sorry i'm done ranting now :
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Woodbury, MN
Posted On: July 22, 2008
and I've read so many of these books .

and I agree with everyone on the freedom of speech thing

what happened to that ?

next there gonna tell us what to write so

it takes away freedom of press but I guess

freedom of speech and freedom of press

are basicly the same thing .
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Woodbury, MN
Posted On: July 22, 2008
I don't even go to the libary anymore because they have pulled so many books that I love .

I'd rather just go buy the books and when I won't

read them anymore I'll just sell them to a willing

buyer in a garadge sale .

I don't understand why they'd they would ban books like these ?

this stuff is out there and everyone needs to get used

to it .

like racial issuses , its never gonna go away .

and banning the Harry Potter books !

are you for real ?!

if you don't like someone elses religion is one thing but when your banning it for libary's because you think

its not someone kids should read .

witch craft is misunderstood as it is .

Adults are pretty much the dumbest thing ever after banning this stuff .
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Granada Hills, CA
Posted On: July 22, 2008
where's waldo? why in the world would someone ban this innocent kids series?
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United Kingdom
Posted On: July 22, 2008
I don't quite see the point in banning books.

I've read a lot of these books, and somewhat understand why adults are so neurotic about the content. But seriously, not allowing children to read them at all is depriving them of culture exposure and enrichment.

I really like The Giver and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

This part's irrelevent, but I liked the way we were taught certain parts of Huckleberry Finn in school this years. Our teacher allowed kids to read parts out loud and I got to act a chapter out with two of my friends, which was cool. I got to be Huckleberry...

But yeah.
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Corvallis, OR
Posted On: July 22, 2008
I've read almost all of the books on your list, but I'm not sure about one of them. You listed The Outsiders as a book by Lowry, was that the correct author or were you referring to the somewhat controversial book of the same title by S.E. Hinton?
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Posted On: July 22, 2008
I've read almost all of Goosebumps. I've read "Are you There God?", and I've only read the first Harry Potter. I was hopping to read all of them, but I haven't been able to find them. Now I know why.

And like VanillaMist said, What DID happen to Freedom of Speech? I would have *thought* that the first amendment would have applied to books to. I guess not though.
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