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School: The Final Countdown @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  School: The Final Countdown (Doll Article)

(May 10, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I can never decide if counting down the days until summer vacation is a good thing or a bad thing. Donít get me wrong, I love to count down the days just like everyone else, but there is a significant drawback to counting out the days to come Ė you lose focus on what youíre supposed to be doing on those days.

The Final Days of School

In elementary school, the days got shorter and craftier as the year went on. Teachers appeared to pull out all of the fun craft ideas in those final weeks of school and things lightened up. We were done with the bulk of the material and now it was time to get to the fun stuff that had to wait until after testing was finished.

This attitude continues up through the middle or intermediate school years, but then when you get to high school thing start to look and feel very different. Itís hard to be excited about the last days of school when youíre counting down to major exams. The exam schedule in high school can sabotage you if youíre more concerned about counting down the days than you are actually taking care of your business in school.

Thatís not to say you canít do both, of course. You might have a count going just inside your notebook, and every day when you flip open your notebook to the next page for your notes or to complete your writing assignment, you see that countdown and check off another day. Harmless enough, of course, so long as you are following through with the work youíre supposed to be doing.

The Harm of Final Countdowns

The biggest problem with counting down the days of school is the amount of work that you might be flaking out on during the most important part of the school year. For example, if youíre taking advanced placement, or AP, classes, you already know that the tests for these classes occur in mid to late May. Intense and important, AP tests determine how many college hours of credit you get to skip out of in most cases.

The higher your test score, the more you get to skip when it comes to your college coursework, and who wouldnít want to skip three or six college hours, especially when you consider that each class youíre skipping is like saving thousands of dollars on tuition bills alone.

Even if youíre not in AP classes, counting down the days until the end of the year can make you feel a bit blasť when it comes to school work. Unfortunately, even though you are shutting down weeks before schoolís out, your teachers are not.

Your teachers are working hard to get everything graded and give you the last few tidbits of information you need before you leave this year of school and move on to the next. If youíre not listening not only will you likely do poorly on your final exam in the class, but youíll also be missing critical pieces of information youíll need for next year as well.

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