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Saying More Than Just No @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Saying More Than Just No (Doll Article)

(November 16, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I’m not sure how many times I’ve been confronted by various posters and programs telling me to just say no to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and anything else deemed offensive. I find there is absolutely nothing wrong with that except that just saying no can be awkward in a true social setting, even when you mean it. Instead, you can easily elaborate your response to a proposition while helping others see your same logic at the same time to keep a situation more under control and perhaps make sense to someone offering you a substance while under the influence herself.

“No, my parents are talking about drug tests.”

A lot of parents are catching on that random drug tests can be a huge deterrent for kids thinking about using drugs. There is the urine test that detects recent substances used in the last 3-7 days, but there is also an option to test strands of your hair. Chemical substances mark a pattern in your hair strands that can be seen with a specialized drug test. The test reaches back 90 days. That means even casual drug use three months ago can show up if your parents decide to investigate. Educating others about this possibility is a very real consequence for users to consider when making a choice about future use.

“No, I don’t want to blow my chances for a scholarship.”

Drugs can affect your performance in sports, music and academics. If you spend a weekend under the influence only to need to be in top form on Monday for a recital or game, you can be certain you won’t be at the level you need to be. A huge number of gifted individuals lose their chances for college and awards due to lifestyle changes. Make your choice clear and that might help someone see the long term benefits of staying sober as well.

“No, I need to keep all the brain cells I have.”

The brain of a teen is still developing. Between about eleven and fifteen are some of the most profound brain changes the body undergoes since you were a toddler are taking place. Your brain is already under an onslaught of natural chemicals and hormones. Throwing in a few artificial chemicals can cause lasting brain impact and potentially damage the full development of your brain impacting your entire future.

“No, I’m just not into that.”

You don’t need to tell anyone more than just a simple no, but giving them a bit more of a handle on why you’re saying no can make the problem go away just a wee bit faster. If you’re approached with a drink or cigarette, just casually tell the offering individual that you’re not into it. A firm no with a solid reason should end the discussion more easily than just “no.” Incidentally, you can use the same line for many things. “No asparagus, I’m just not into that.”

Keep Yourself Safe

It might bother you to offer just a meaningful excuse with a firm no rather than working harder to make others around you stop drug use. Absolutely work to help other see the dangers and the downfalls of drugs, but consider your timing carefully. A person already under the influence of drugs can be extremely agitated and excitable. These individuals can also be more prone to violence and bad decision making. A calm no with a reason can keep a situation in-hand more easily than a lecture when someone is under the influence or trying to walk away and creating a hostile environment. You never want to risk your own safety trying to talk reason into someone who isn’t working to keep herself safe. You can do that when she’s feeling the misery of detox the next day.

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