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Progressive Halloween Dinner @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Progressive Halloween Dinner (Doll Article)

(October 08, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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One great benefit of getting back to school is that Halloween seems to pop up almost immediately, and what teenager doesnít enjoy Halloween? Of course, you might think of trick-or-treating with friends, but there are plenty of others ways you can celebrate the holiday without worrying about being too old to go door to door. Argue with me all you want, but I think there is definitely a point where we are too old to trick-or-treat. Fortunately, there are plenty of other things we can do and still have fun.

Have a Progressive Dinner

Youíll probably need permission from your parents for this one, but scheduling a progressive dinner is a fun way to get everyone dressed up and give them something to do for the evening. If you have four friends who are willing to host, set up the party by staging each course of the meal at a different friendís house. The first friend will host appetizers, the second will do salad and fruit, the third the main course and the final home will be desserts. You can add a fifth house if you want for entertainment for the night Ė perhaps a dance party in the backyard or a movie set up in the basement rec room.

Setting Up the Party

The best homes for the party are those within walking distance of each other. If you have a few friends that all live in the same neighborhood, you can arrange the party to move from one house to next. Youíll want to plan ahead of time what youíre going to serve at each house and if youíre going to play any sort of game while youíre there. Each hostess will get things ready at her house before joining the party so that when itís time for the crowd to join her, she can bring everyone in and be ready to eat and play right away.

Keep the food fun, but simple. If you have to stand at the stove the entire party, youíre going to miss the fun. Of course, if your mother doesnít mind standing at the stove for you or serving things up for your group of friends, the situation is much easier. So long as you and your friends do most of the planning, your parents probably wonít mind helping out by serving and keeping things organized. Hereís a breakdown of the sorts of things you might use for a Halloween progressive dinner.

Appetizers and Halloween Costume Contest. At the first house, let everyone arrive for the party and have a few trays of appetizers spread around for people to much on. As people come in take a picture of them in costume and print it out to put on a large board for the big contest. Take pictures early on because costumes always look best early in the evening.

Salad and Fruit with the Big Vote. At the next house everyone can make her own salad at a makeshift salad bar. Serve fruit if youíd like or stick to an elaborate salad selection if thatís easier. Display the big contest board and let everyone cast her ballot secretly to determine the winner of the contest at the next stop.

Dinner and Prizes. Have dinner at the next house Ė perhaps pizza or lasagna that is easy to serve out to groups of friends without being too expensive. As dinner winds down, report the results of the vote. You can have a few prizes for things like the scariest costume or the funniest costume. I like to vote for the most unique and original costume.

Dinner and Entertainment. Finally, walk everyone over to the last house on your stop for a spread of desserts. An ice cream bar is easy to put together or you can serve a cake to friends. As everyone gets their food together, start some music in the backyard or get everyone together for a big movie. If you have a friend who is really good with a camera, you can even make your movie the playback of the nightís fun.

How did you spend your Halloween?

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Granada Hills, CA
Posted On: November 11, 2010
TRICK OR TREATING ALL THE WAY! it's my last year, cuz im moving to a different state to go to college, but i say you're never too old for free candy =)
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 3, 2010
We spent our Halloween not knowing it was Halloween...because we're just the cool. xD

No really, about 9pm I'm sitting there and all of a sudden realize, oh hey, it's Halloween?! So I wish hubby Happy Halloween and we go on about how cool we are sitting at home playing video games not even realizing that it's an awesome holiday.

Yeah, we fail at socializing. ^^'
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