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  Politics...and You (Doll Article)

(July 05, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There are the school politics that affect you every year such as cliques and student council elections, but in 2008 there are some politics that are going to matter a great deal Ė possibly even more than the Homecoming Queen election. 2008 is the year of the presidential elections. If youíve been living under a pile of homework, now that summer is here, you can crawl out and discover just how important it is for everyone to get involved Ė even if you canít vote.

Most of us canít vote yet, but even those who can donít. In November of 2000, only 37% of the United States voted on a presidential candidate. Iím sure the majority of Americans felt they had good cause to stay out of the voting booths that day, but I wouldnít be surprised if many more wish they had made it to the polls before the Gore/Bush race got so tight Florida votes had to be counted two or three times to clarify the winner. (Bush legitimately won in 2000 and 2004 if you didnít already know.)

Election 2008

Itís still not entirely clear whoíll be running for election in November of 2008, but John McCain looks to be the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate will be Barack Obama. There are also candidate for smaller parties who will run in November.

The election of 2008 will be intense. This is the first time in American history that a woman or African-American could have actually become president, but the election has just as much to do with the economy, oil and gas prices, and the war in Iraq. The president doesnít control everything, but in combination with the Supreme Court and Congress, he (or she) makes the kinds of decisions that affect The United States, the world, and you Ė at least in some small way.

Your Role in 2008

You might not be able to vote, but your parents and other relatives can. Obviously Iím not going to tell you who to vote for or against, and Iím still figuring out all the different areas of the election myself. But I do know that voting is what it all boils down to. If you have a stand on an issue Ė any issue Ė you donít have to wait until youíre eighteen to do something about it.

Help others register to vote, and encourage your family to think about the issues. There are groups that are always looking for volunteers to help with election materials and voter registrations and you might be able to work in some capacity even if youíre not able to vote in the election youíre helping with.

Write letters, send emails and help shed light on important issues in your town and state. You might not be able to vote, but that doesnít mean you have to be silent. Everyone has a political voice. If you want to use yours, you just have to find it and make it heard.

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Bow Mar, CO
Posted On: July 14, 2008
UGH i don't really care about the poltics, i HATE obama HATE, HATE, HATE!! IF HE WINS I'M MOVING TO CANADA OR SOMWHERE MY DAD HATES HIM!! I hate him more then my dad does now!!! I have friends here, and i like america! all my grandparents are here!! :'( I AGREE WITH PEOPLE WHO HATE OBANA See i can't even spell his name......
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Posted On: July 14, 2008
I can't vote, but I'll be able to the next time around! I like Obama, but not McCain.

Here in NH, we're an "important" state - they always come here.
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Tiger, GA
Posted On: July 8, 2008
us up here in da boonies let alone all of that we dont care
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Posted On: July 7, 2008
If I could vote, I'd vote for McCain. Many people don't know he served in the Vietnam War and was a POW(Prisoner of War), I admire him for that. He also has more experience in politics. I'm a southern Republican
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Posted On: July 7, 2008
i dont like either of them they annony me......'

but i live in canada so not even my parents vote

my bday is coming soon!!!!! (sorry off topic just excited!!! im gonna be 15!!!!)
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Granada Hills, CA
Posted On: July 7, 2008
i used to care who was i don't give. one of this year's candidates has too little experience and the other seems to be a pompous donkey.
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Brookhaven, PA
Posted On: July 7, 2008
i really dont like either canidete because both havnt steped on really big issues

also i am not ready for another non promising replican
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Hanford, CA
Posted On: July 7, 2008
my mother says that barack obama will probably be bad as presedent because he changed his name to barack husain obama and his wife dosent seem to like america that offense to anyone who supports obama I'm just saying what my mom said.#3!
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: July 5, 2008
I would be part of the people who don't vote. This'll be my first year voting and right now I don't think I will. I don't like either of the people running...but I'm still thinking about it. I mean, even though who I wanted isn't in the finals, I could still vote for the similar party and vote for half of what I want...

Good Article!
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Posted On: July 5, 2008
Ugh, I hate politics. They confuse/bore me.

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