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Plan a Great Road Trip @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Plan a Great Road Trip (Doll Article)

(June 24, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Summer is the best time to take a road trip. The air is warm and balmy and the tent is an easy place to sleep with friends without freezing to death. If campfires and playlists for the car are calling your name, youíre not the only one. Itís the season of road trips, and Iím here to be sure you plan a great one.

Get a Travel Buddy

While a lot can be said for traveling with your faithful four legged friends, for both fun and safety, you really should be traveling with other people. The more people you have in your group, the more fun you can have and the safer youíll be at various campsites. There is a number, however, when you reach too many people in a group. If you have two cars traveling together, it can work. But when you have four cars all trying to caravan across the country, youíre pushing it. The best traveling is done in a single vehicle, however. Find a friend with a big SUV or van and load it up with tents, ice chests, friends and road maps. Itís going to be great.

Plan a Trip

You might think itís romantic to wander aimlessly across the country finding wonders along the way, but thereís a reason there are so many guidebooks and websites dedicated to travel. If you want to find wonders, youíre probably not going to find the best ones as you zoom down the interstate or choke on dust on back country roads. Assign each travel buddy a portion of the travel route to research. They have to find the best campgrounds in the region and at least two or three really neat things you might want to stop and see. This should break down into days just as easily as regions, really.

Mark a map clearly with the route you plan to take and arrange your campsites ahead of time. Some campsites book up more than a year in advance, and thereís nothing worse than not being able to stop for the night when youíre tired and hungry. Marking the route and planning a camping site for two or three days at a time will give you a base to explore different parts of the country without worry about where youíre stopping each night.

Plan for Emergencies

While itís not safe to travel with large amounts of cash, itís always a bad idea to travel without some cash. Before you leave on the road trip, visit the ATM for cash and be sure that the bank is well stocked with money you can access with an ATM card. Use your debit card along the road as often as you can and hang on to the cash for emergencies. Hopefully youíll never need it, but having it can give you peace of mind.

In your packing, be sure to pack plenty of bottled water and all necessary car accessories you might need. A cell phone charger for the car is an essential to keep you charged up and in touch in case of emergencies and water should be kept for emergencies as well. Write down important phone numbers somewhere other than in your phone in case you have a dead phone and need to call from a payphone somewhere Ė you wonít be able to get the number from the phone if itís broken or dead. Once youíre sure the basics are ready, head off on a grand adventure and just have fun!

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: July 6, 2010
I LOVE road trips! My parents were seperated when I started middle school and they lived 2 hours apart. So when it was time to spend time with the other there was always a long trip. We normally stopped for gas and snacks before leaving and that was always fun to do.

Plus I adore seeing things you normally wouldn't. We took a road trip to Indiana one summer for a temporary job and to see some family. On the way back home we happend across a billboard for an underground lake boat tour. That was completely awesome! It's things like road trips that inspire some REAL spontaneous adventures. Those are the stories that you usually won't have heard before so are always fun to share.

Adventure is everywhere...especially when it's between cities and airports. You won't find them if you don't drive instead.

And I used to get car sick when I first moved to TN. Colorado is FLAT and the roads are on a grid pattern. Tennessee is hilly with quick curves. That took some getting used to! xD
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Posted On: July 5, 2010
I dislike road trips because I get car sick easily.
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