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Paint Can Rock Your World @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Paint Can Rock Your World (Doll Article)

(July 10, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Sometimes it is the simple things in life that can make a big impact. For example, paint Ė the simple color you can use in so many ways can make you more relaxed, more energized, more exited and more content. Paint is more than color Ė itís power.

Painting Your Nails

Your fingernails and toenails can change in a matter of minutes. Put on a coat of fingernail polish and you can see the difference. Even better than painting your nails yourself, take those nails to a salon and indulge yourself in a massage and spa therapy. Youíll emerge with beautiful toes and a completely relaxed state-of-mind. Plus those pretty toes will help you feel pretty as well in your first set of flip-flops this summer.

Painting Your Room

Your room should be your own space, and a gallon of paint can put your signature up there for everyone to see. Grab a roller, brush and some paint and let your personality go wild. Use a dove grey to offer yourself peace and tranquility. A bight red to wake up energized and ready to take on any battle. A soft green to put you in a better state of mind, or a bright yellow to help you cheer up and feel the warmth of home all around you.

Painting Your Face

Face paints arenít just for carnivals anymore. Let your imagination and hands go wild with face paints for your next sporting event or school activity. You can paint bold stripes of color to show which team you support, but you can just as easily do a pastel and glitter confection for a school dance ala Drew Barrymore in Ever After.

Painting a Canvas

If youíre not in art, you should really try to take at least one art class while in school You might have more time for a summer school class or special art camp, so do that if youí can. Once you experience the joy of painting on a canvas, youíll be hooked. There is no right or wrong way to express yourself. You can paint huge splashes of color to make a highly emotional painting that makes you and others react with wonder or at least mild curiosity. Or you can use pastels and watercolor to paint a scene that is special to you. Framed, either picture will help you see inside yourself to the emotions that bubble just beneath the surface.

Paint a House

Painting your room is for you, but painting a house for someone who canít afford to do it herself is a moving experience. Paint is pretty inexpensive and fun and you can make quick work of a small house with a team of friends and a few paint brushes. The gratitude of the homeowner as she looks at that fresh coat of paint is truly joyful and can easily give you a new take on life.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 20, 2009 ex.php?act=idx

Join! This is the Rescue Forums in the case that the site shuts down.

If the link doesn't work then check to make sure there were no spaces added when it was copy and pasted. I don't know why it adds spaces, but it does. The link should have NO spaces. The most common place to delete a space is in the word 'index' between the D and the E.
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Groesbeck, OH
Posted On: August 17, 2009
I like to think of myself as very artistic, but the idea of painting had always scared me. Then one day I found a canvas and some paint in my basement, and started painting. I'm still surprised at how calming it is! It's a great stress releiver!
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Posted On: July 31, 2009
I love painting nails! I'm currently renovating the entire house..

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: July 28, 2009
I like painting rooms. I adored my master suite in my first apartment! I chose deep red and a metalic gold with a soft cream. In the end it was all very elegant, I loved it! Can't wait until we get our first home, I've already picked the theme and colours for my living room.
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York, PA
Posted On: July 27, 2009
I just painted my room a new color today!

And I loooove painting my nails.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: July 27, 2009
I love painting, mostly on canvas, though. It's such a great stress reliever.
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