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No Makeup Day! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  No Makeup Day! (Doll Article)

(September 30, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I declare today a No Makeup Day! I have decided, looking around at my friends, that we wear too much makeup and, to be honest, Iím not really sure what some of my friends actually look like anymore without five colors on their eyelids and a few coats of eyeliner. Makeup is fun, absolutely, but I think we should also take some time to celebrate our natural beauty. If youíre cringing right now, youíre probably one of the ones who needs to go with a clean face most of all.

Bravery and Daring

Why do we wear so much makeup anyway? It can make us look more attractive and highlight our best features, but at some point I think many of us start to hide behind the makeup. We fade away and let our painted features take our place. How often have I seen friends arrive to school behind giant shades so that they can hide their eyes until they have time to put their colors on? I have friends that wake up an hour early so that they have time to apply their fake eyelashes. Itís incredible the length weíll go to for attractiveness.

I think itís actually braver and more daring though to not wear any makeup at all. Iím not saying you need to do it every day, but you could really make a difference in your perception of yourself if you stopped wearing makeup for a few days and focused instead of what was inside. Think about walking into school without any makeup on at all. What would that feel like to you? Would you be scared or feel strange? Would people make fun of you? Are you hiding something?

Rediscovering Yourself

We create standards for ourselves that are somewhat unobtainable at times. How can you feel great about yourself if you refuse to let anyone see you without lipstick? Or what if you wonít go outside without your eyeliner on? Why does this make such a difference for us? I vote that all of us put down the lip liner and rainbow shades of eye shadow. Sleep in for an extra thirty minutes and marvel at how great you feel in the morning.

Then throw on your favorite outfit and put your hair up in a ponytail or clip. If youíre not going to worry about your make up today, why spend hours on your hair? You might as well give that a day off, too. So now youíre ready! It took you about five minutes to get pulled together Ė you could have probably slept another fifteen minutes and gotten even more rest.

Head to school and hold your head up high. Youíre not wearing a full face of makeup and thatís okay. Youíre not lazy and youíre certainly not ugly. Youíre just taking the day off. This is your day to appreciate who you are and to understand why you love your make up. Is it because you feel naked without it? Or is it because itís fun to emphasize your features as best you can? If youíre hiding behind your makeup, this exercise will feel much harder than you can imagine. But before the day is over, youíll feel better about yourself and be ready to put makeup back in its place Ėas an enhancer, not a lifesaver.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: May 28, 2011
I've never worn makeup. I don't plan on it either.
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Westville, FL
Posted On: November 20, 2010
I used to wear a crapload of make-up when I was in my teen years. I only wear it when Im going out to nightclubs (nothing too distracting though) Ive learnt to appreciate my outer beauty ^_^
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Posted On: November 12, 2010
I dont wear makeup besides concealer and sometimes eyeshadow. But i do always wear lipgloss or something on my lips because they get dry quickly. I go for natural shades and nothing bold though. I guess I just couldnt be bothered to spend time on it. x)
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 2, 2010
I hardly ever wear make up. When I do it's for social gatherings and to go shopping in the fancier malls/places of TN.

Mostly I'm okay with myself, but I definately feel prettier with it on. Obviously it's not to the extent that I feel I must have it on IN ORDER to be pretty in the first place. Just like Miranda said, I wear it to feel like a million dollars.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 28, 2010
I often leave the house without makeup on; for example, I don't put it on to go food shopping, or to go and have a smoke. I put it on for work cuz I want to look nice; for shopping cuz I like to dress up for it and to go out cuz it makes me feel a million dollars. I don't see anything wrong with wearing makeup unless you're never taking it off, or wearing so much that you look like a clown.
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