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  Makeup and Your Mom (Doll Article)

(July 08, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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When I first developed an interest in makeup, my mother was one of those who took a middle-of-the-road approach. As my friends started thinking about makeup, I appreciated my mother’s laid back nature even more. While I might have been jealous of the friends whose mothers took them on fanciful makeovers complete with new makeup kits, at least I wasn’t counting the years until I could buy my first lip gloss and wear it with permission.

The Makeover Mom

There are some moms out there who go whole-hog when their daughters get old enough to think about putting on a bit of makeup for school. These are the moms that help their kindergartners find the perfect color lip gloss so that they can dress up for show-and-tell. These same mothers take their daughters for full makeovers at the make-up counter and buy them all of the high-end cosmetics they need to ensure glowing, luminous skin and a gorgeous presentation. Sometimes the mom is more interested than the daughter in the makeup, but overall, this makeover mom has a daughter who enjoys looking just as polished as her mother does. The daughter of the makeover mother is usually one of the first to wear makeup to school and has the best makeup to share with her friends when it’s time for sleepovers.

The Tolerant Mom

The tolerant mother understands her daughter wants to wear makeup, but she doesn’t go out of her way to set her up a personal makeup kit. She might buy an item or two if her daughter asks, but generally, the tolerant mom simply compliments her daughter on looking beautiful when she’s added a bit of lip gloss a swipe of mascara. These moms are mildly supportive of their daughter’s choice to wear make-up and perhaps just as supportive of her decision to not wear anything that resembles make up. The tolerant mom might set a few ground rules for how much makeup her daughter can wear, but these moms are grounded in reality and are likely not ushering in the Clinque lady for a personal consultation.

The Mom of Opposition

Then there are the moms who hate to see their children grow up. Little girls, even little girls of fifteen or sixteen are still too young for things like makeup according to these moms and her natural good looks are more than enough to make her stand out. While we’re all in favor of natural beauty around here, there is a lot to be said for enhancing that natural beauty, and we understand the frustration of the daughters of these moms of opposition.

The mom that opposes beauty products of any shape or kind often leads her daughter to use make-up secretly or at least creates an uncomfortable situation for both of them as the daughter longs for makeup and mom refuses. If this is the case for you, try to talk to your mom to understand her position and to explain your own. Perhaps you can find a compromise by using just certain products or buying them with your own money. In the end, you’ll have your own say, but in the meantime try to avoid keeping secrets and instead work together to find a solution.

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Posted On: November 28, 2011
My mom was both tolerant and oppostion. She let me wear it when I started liking it, and gave me some of her old stuff to play with, but she didn't make me wear it. She didn't want me to wear it every day either. I mainly just wear mascara. I use A LOT of lip balm though because my lips get super dry.
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Downtown, PA
Posted On: August 14, 2010
My mom actually PUSHES me to wear make up.

I'm actuallya tomboy too, and I never want to wear it, but my mom always says "oh, practice putting on your makeup! You'll look SO much prettier"

-.- Gah, why can't some people be themselves?
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: July 30, 2010
I'll never wear make up if my mom told me!It feels funny on your face..So im just better off being a tom boy.
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Posted On: July 20, 2010
I'm always au natural. xD Except when I remember to swipe some lip gloss on or eyeshadow (in neutral colours, but shimmery.) My mom wouldn't let me use eyeliner and mascara because the chemicals in them can harm your eyes (I didn't really want to wear any anyways.)
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: July 18, 2010
I never had any restriction, but she didn't take me out to buy it either.

The only thing my mother pushed for and made sure I had was foundation. Other than that I pretty much got everything else either on my own or her hand-me-downs.

I like the way my mother handled things. It was never a big deal, so make up was never a big deal to me either. I would glam up when I felt like it, maybe 2-3 times a week, but some days I would just go au natural.

My mother never left the house without a full-face. So I guess she probably just saw it as fair that I was allowed that too. *shrugs*

I believe I'll be the same way with my kids. When they want to wear it I'll let them. There's no way I'm going to let lack of makeup ruin their childhood. It's not eyeliner and mascara that gets them in trouble, it's the behavior.
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Posted On: July 16, 2010
My mom is a bit of all three. I don't have an interest in make up anymore, but at one time I did. When I did, she let me wear it, except she opposed mascara and eye liner (she never wore any herself). She never tried to get me into wearing it, but I'd seen her put it on so sometimes she would put lipstick or gloss, eyeshadow, foundation and blush on me if I wanted when I was younger.
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