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  Life in the Good Old Days (Doll Article)

(May 05, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Iím not sure whatís more baffling Ė the way things were a few decades ago, or how clueless some of my peers are about how things were. Iíll give you an example. I have friends that have no idea what a record player is. Iím sure if we wait another ten years, there will be kids who have no idea what a tape player is. If youíre uncertain of either Ė ask your parents, theyíll clue you in.

So whatís more shocking? That your parents and grandparents had to listen to scratchy music played by a little needle on vinyl grooves or that technology moves so fast some of us have no idea what Iím even talking about? By the way, an awesome record movie, should you need a bit of historical education, is High Fidelity Ė make sure youíre old enough for the language and such before watching.


As much as they are now an integral part of our lives, cell phones have only been around about twenty years. Before that they were something out of a science fiction movie. The first cell phones were easily the size of a small brick and outrageously expensive to use. Every minute could cost as much as a dollar or more, so cell phones were reserved for absolute emergencies or were just showy items.

If you were chatting on a cellular phone, you were telling the world you didnít mind carrying five pounds of plastic and throwing money away when a perfectly good payphone was in the corner. Speaking of which, payphones used to be only $0.10 to $0.25 per call. Crazy, eh? Youíre hard-pressed to find a payphone at all anymore, much less one that costs less than a dollar to use. Want to see an old mobile phone? Check out The Wedding Singer. Look for the giant mobile phone used by Adam Sandlerís crazy best friend.


Your grandparents most likely listened to music on records and then eight track tapes. Record players are still used to spin and many music buffs cherish old records because they are vintage and frankly, quite interesting if youíre into underground music and such. Eight track players, however, are very much a thing of the past. They are so outdated, I canít even think of a movie example.

Today we listen to MP3s and CDs. Before that a tape was a novelty. You could use a tape to record your own music off the radio or, when they came out, CDs. The original term ďmix tapeĒ came from literally arranging a mix of music onto a tape. Again, High Fidelity will help you understand.


When your grandparents were in school, itís very likely the girls were not allowed or discouraged from wearing pants. Girls wore dresses and skirts and only hoodlums or farm workers wore denim pants Ė at least in some parts of the country. Jeans eventually because mainstream in the seventies and now itís hard to find a school kid not wearing jeans.

In school, you also used to take naps in kindergarten, if you even went all day. Kindergarten used to be a preparation for ďrealĒ school so you likely only went in the morning or afternoon. Full-time school didnít start until the first grade. The kindergarten your parents attended is now called preschool. And their first grade was your kindergarten.

A generation or two ago, the most math you had to take in high school was the equivalent of seventh or eight grade math today. Only you took that in high school. Algebra was the top level unless you were planning on being a scientist or engineer. And you took algebra or something similar as a junior or senior in high school. Now you take it in the eighth or ninth grade. So your parents really arenít kidding when they say they have no idea how to help with your math homework. They never learned most of that stuff.

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Tiger, GA
Posted On: June 5, 2008
my dad has a record player and a lot of records i didnt even know what a cd was till i was six

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Posted On: May 17, 2008
I think old things are SOOO not cool. Unless it's like, an antique chair from 100 years ago. Otherwise it's just. . .BLAH!
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Elkton, MD
Posted On: May 16, 2008
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Weston, MO
Posted On: May 12, 2008
We have one of those brick-size cell phones! Where we got it is a mystery, however.

And there's a turn table in our living room...

And some blank cassettes by my bed (and one in my boom box to record off the radio).


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Posted On: May 11, 2008
hi luke
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United Kingdom
Posted On: May 9, 2008
My Gran and Grandad are very up-to-date...its gran has a bettr fone than me and my grandad has an ipod gran also has MSN
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Lake Elsinore, CA
Posted On: May 9, 2008
If I were in the past I doubt I would survive. Even though things are cheap, stuff is harder and I only work if I'm VERY motivated, like twentys bucks for going under the house with rats that have rabies and black widows. (I still have that money!)

My mom and dad ditched school with firends alot so I'm not SO sure on the ditch thing never_more.

Nice article though, I read hostorical fiction alot, I love read about the past. War's mostly, but anything is fun to read.
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Wilmington, DE
Posted On: May 9, 2008
I would hate it if I had to carry around a cell phone the size of a brick. The gas prieces are outrageous. But most things are expensive.

- Emma Grace
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Posted On: May 9, 2008
Love it. Totally sucks for school girls, I hate dresses and skirts. (no offense) And to the music player thing, it was a much....different type of music then what we have to day. Much cleaner first off.

Love the article, it roxxies mine soxxies!

HA! Adam Sandler is a nickname one of the kids in my home-school group got from our sign-language teacher!
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: May 9, 2008
really? my science teacher says that levels in high school were much, much higher back even in the eighties!!! kids worked harder, ditched less, and were more motivated.
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: May 9, 2008
I am clueless.

There's a record player in our attic. I knew what it was, but I had no idea how it worked, so I plugged it in and pressed the switch but when it started moving I screamed and ran away.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: May 9, 2008
Oh gosh and don't forget gas prices! When my husband first started driving he paid $1.86 per gallon and now it's up to $3.59! By the way...he's been driving for only 5-6 years! I can't imagine how cheap it must have been for my mom when she first started driving

Great story by the way...
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