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Let's All Play Outside @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Let's All Play Outside (Doll Article)

(April 08, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Itís rather likely that when you were little you couldnít wait to get to the playground or to go outside during your athletics class. Now, with our phones and computers, not to mention our shows, weíre stuck inside most of the time and I for one miss all that time outdoors. Fortunately, there is no rule saying I canít go outside. I can even take my phone and computer with me if I want, but really, I think we all need some outside play away from electronics.

Head the Park

If you have a park nearby, call up a few friends and head over. Take turns pushing each other on the swings or have contests to see who can climb the slides the fastest. Just be careful not to displace any younger kids. Their parents really frown on that.

Go for a Walk

Stretch your legs and see the world, or maybe just a few houses, by going for a walk. You donít have to power walk or count your strides. Just breathe deeply and daydream while you get a bit of sun and fresh air. Then, if you feel like it, stop off and say hi to friends, get the mail, sit on a park bench, or break into a jog.

Try Star Gazing

Whenís the last time you were outside after dark? Get permission, then head outside to check out what the night sky has to offer. Do some star gazing and be on the lookout for falling stars. Occasionally there are special events up in the heavens, so scan the papers or listen on the news to see if there are any comets, meteor showers or falling satellites.

Play Touch Football

Get your girlfriends together and find someone who knows how to play football Ė if you donít already. Practice your moves and get a bit of experience and then find the guys and challenge them to a game. Who knows? You might actually win Ė or at the very least get some time in with your man.

Shoot Baskets

There is nothing more therapeutic then shooting baskets. If you have a goal, head outside for some free throws or find a friend that has a basketball backboard or goal and challenge each other to a duel. Maybe even call up your crush to see if he wants to help you practice your layup Ė assuming he has anything resembling skills.

Ride Bikes

Iíll bet when you were a kid you could ride bikes for hours. Whyíd you stop? Get back out there and ride. Take on some hills, ride to a friendís house, or just ride as fast as you can to feel the wind in your face. Invite friends to go biking with you and explore trails in your area or ask a parent to drive you (unless you can drive yourself) to other bike trails around your city or town. Biking is fun because itís fast, but its also great exercise and can be a great hobby for your whole crowd.

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Tiger, GA
Posted On: June 16, 2008
plus at night i open my window and sit on the ledge and look up at the sky lol there is nothing 2 see
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Tiger, GA
Posted On: June 16, 2008
i love 2 be outside im hardly ever inside just when it is dark or storming i dont mind a little rain

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Philadelphia, PA
Posted On: April 20, 2008
I love track and swimming , I like tree climbing too, I'm always outside now that the weather is warmer
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Posted On: April 10, 2008
Oh, you are SO right. Except motorbikes are better. ^.^
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Zionsville, IN
Posted On: April 9, 2008
Ah, I walk all the time. ^___^ Probably because that's when I'm free to daydream. I used to ride my bike all over the neighborhood, but it was so small....I'd do four or five laps in half an hour.

"Didn't that girl just bike past here.....six times?!"

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Arvada, CO
Posted On: April 9, 2008
star gazing, as swim team take smost of my daylight hours =]
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Posted On: April 9, 2008
Oh my gosh, you didn't mention Tree Climbing!! I love tree climbing.. And swimming, and hiking, and.. Yeah, a lot of things. I love outside.
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Willowick, OH
Posted On: April 9, 2008
I love swimming and biking.

I'm really good at basketball too.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 9, 2008
Really Good Article

I Love Summer Pools

They Are Sooo Nice


p.s Second To Comment
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San Marcos, CA
Posted On: April 8, 2008
Great article, I totally agree! Everyone has gotten so used to their electronics and stuff, I have friends that can't even check the mail without their iPods!

I love swimming and track, so durring summer I like to go on really long walks until I'm covered in sweat and then jump into the pool. Oh, and I can take a train this summer right to the beach, so I'm really exited for that, too!

Ewww, I feel so stupid for saying the same thing I frown upon but...

First comment? lol
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