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Important Teenage Lessons @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Important Teenage Lessons (Doll Article)

(February 01, 2012 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Whether youíre just arriving at the teenage years or youíve been here awhile, there is plenty to learn and more than a few lessons to take away from this critical time period. Of course the more you grow, the more you learn, but here are some of the most important lessons of the teenage years.

Love Is Fickle

Love is powerful for teenagers. We love the idea of love and we fall in love with television stars, secret crushes and the older brothers of our best friends. But while love is a power thing, itís also a fickle thing. We can be desperately in love on Monday and be over it by Friday. Itís just the nature of the beast. When you find the sort of love that is slow, constant and steady rather than an intense burst of passion that fizzles out, youíll know youíre heading in the right direction.

There Is No Normal Shape

While Iíd love to say there is no ideal shape, society has given us an ideal that in unobtainable for 99 percent of the females in this world. Instead, spend plenty of time as a teenager looking at others Ė not in a romantic way, but in a scientific way. Look how dramatically different bodies can be from one person to another. The lesson here is that we should all accept who we are and embrace it Ė not try to dramatically change it to be more like someone elseís body. Heights alone make this all but impossible.

Independent Is a Learned State

Sure, weíre all lusting after independence, but do you really know how to be independent? Your teenage years are a great time to figure it all out. Learn to manage a bank account. Learn to drive a car. Learn how to read a map. Learn how to manage a credit card. Learn how to introduce yourself to others. Learn to read a lease. Learn how to shop at the grocery store. Learning to live without your parents buying you food every week and washing your jeans before ironing them can be a shock. This is your time to figure it all out.

The More Friends the Merrier

The early teen years are tricky with dramatic relationships with friends. We love and then hate our girlfriends. Weíre intensely jealous of others and we spread rumors and gossip like nobodyís business. But then suddenly, for the most part, as we age we mellow. Suddenly the things you hated about a person donít seem to bother you anymore and you realize that you get along just fine. The teen years are all about making new friends with others, and the more friends the merrier.

Of course, itís important to note here that friends means the real kind who you talk to physically on a daily or at least a weekly basis. Having friends youíve connected to on Facebook isnít really the same thing as getting to know new people and hanging out with them on the weekends or at lunch on the school days.

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Dundalk Sparrows, MD
Posted On: July 29, 2015
Sounds good though.. I am no teenager anymore xD
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 14, 2012
Red X of Doom is back. Hope Support comes back to save the day soon!
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