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How to Beat Winter Blues @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  How to Beat Winter Blues (Doll Article)

(January 05, 2012 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Once the holiday season is over, itís time to come down off the Christmas high and start thinking about how youíre going to survive the rest of the winter months. The cold and wind wonít let up for some time and with Christmas over, everything just seems a bit bleaker. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to beat back the winter blues - and they donít cost you a thing!


What is more fun that looking through all of your old pictures and notes from friends? Use the time indoors to make smashbooks. Dig through your closet to find one of the old journals youíve gotten over the years or find a notebook you barely used. Then, just start smashing in pictures, notes, song lyrics, stickers and drawings. Put them in order or just as you see fit.

Make a smashbook for each of your friends if youíd like or for every year of high school. Not only will you have an awesome time while youíre going through your old stuff to keep it organized, but youíll have fun every time you look through that smashbook in the future!

Revisit Your Youth

If you used to love certain games on your Wii or you loved to play paper dolls or Barbie, beat back winter by having fun doing what you used to love. Pull out those Wii controllers and take on Mario. Or trade in your old games to buy a new one. Something new can be fun, but often just playing with the Barbie dolls you used to love is enough to really bring back the old memories and revitalize you for these last few months.

Plant an Indoor Garden

If you have plants currently hiding in a greenhouse or you have packets of seeds stored for when the weather is more fit for growing plants, take advantage of the interior to start growing your own plants. Fill spare jars and containers with soil from the backyard and plant your little plants or seeds. Then, you can watch them grow in your window. Often, just watching something green is enough to make you happy again.

Get Outside

It doesnít really matter what you do with yourself, but getting some fresh air really is beneficial for your overall health. Go outside and play. Go outside and read. Go outside and walk. Or if the thought of going outside is just too overwhelming with the cold and the wind, find a spot where sunshine comes through the windows and arrange yourself so youíre sitting or lying in the sun. If itís good enough for your cat, itís good enough for you.


Reading is the mindís way of taking a vacation. If you want to try something new, just open a book and read about it. Sink into a fantasy world and enjoy new challenges and new heroes and heroines every day as you read through an entire series. If you have the funds or willing parents you can buy a new series online and have it sent to you. Otherwise, head to the public library for a change of scenery and some new novels.

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Kew Gardens, NY
Posted On: January 21, 2012
Summer is much more fun than winter, that's true. But just stay warm and comfortable and you can enjoy all the goodies of winter: like presents, and hot chocolate with marshmallows. I can't think of many more Any ideas anyone?
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Posted On: January 18, 2012

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Posted On: January 18, 2012
Im so excited for summer. Im hoping that this will be the summer everything changes. Great ideas though. Thanks for bloggin' on here!
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