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Hot Style: Ciara @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Hot Style: Ciara (Doll Article)

(March 09, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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Ciara. When it comes to fashion, she's one of those "love her or hate her" kinda girls, who splits opinions straight down the middle. She describes her own style as "boy meets girl – pretty, but with a little edge to it," which goes a little way towards explaining the mixed reactions she gets to her personal style statements. Here's our guide to Ciara's style…

Flash without trash

Ciara likes her midriff. A lot. And with a tummy as toned as hers, who can blame her for wanting to show it off in tiny cropped T's and low-rise pants? The key to Ciara's style, though, is "flash without trash," so if her stomach is on show, her legs stay under wraps, and if her shirt is low-cut, the rest of her will tend to remain covered. The look is fresh, young and sexy, without being over the top.

Keeping it casual

While she's not averse to throwing on a slinky dress for big events, Ciara is most at home in laid-back, casual clothes which revolve around jeans, baggy pants, cropped jackets and baseball caps. It's a look that just about anyone can pull off, and it's as easy to wear as it is to look at.

Split-personality style

She's a girl of contrasts, and it shows most of all in Ciara's habit of being dressed-down on the bottom half, in jeans and boots, and dressed-up on top, with sexy little tops with a little bit of bling.

Skinny jeans and skinny boots!

Yes, we know, it's yet another one of those "love it or hate it" style trends that Ciara is so fond of. The "drainpipe-jeans-tucked-into-boots" look may be a throwback to the decade that style forgot (that's the 80s), but it's part of Ciara's signature style, so we're guessing she falls firmly into the "love it" camp!

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United Kingdom
Posted On: September 2, 2009
I really like Ciara...o.O
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