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Great Ways to Show Your Friendship @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Great Ways to Show Your Friendship (Doll Article)

(January 19, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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When you’re friends, it can be fun to cement that friendship in a visible way. Of course, personal style and how the two of you make decisions will have a lot to do with how you show your friendship to the world, but whatever you decide, you can be sure it will be fun.


It would be foolish to urge you to get a tattoo before you’re legally of age to do so, but temporary tattoos are a lot of fun. Get matching tattoos and put them on before a special field trip day or just for fun on a Monday morning. If you don’t have any tattoos on hand, make your own – of course drawing on yourself should be done carefully to be sure your inked on little smiling face doesn’t break the skin. If you happen to be old enough for a real tattoo, avoid anything that will be difficult to explain in ten or twenty years. A small emblem or favorite symbol would be a better choice than initials or a particular phrase.


It might be a bit juvenile, but that doesn’t keep it from being a lot of fun as well. Dressing up together is one of the most enjoyable ways to show a friendship. You can shop together and buy coordinating outfits or you can just coordinate over the phone. Wearing similar outfits every once in a while will show everyone how much fun the two of you have together. You’ll also be able to find a friend who likes the same quirky style that you do. When the two of you show up in your Star Wars shirts, you’ll probably impress everyone in the lunchroom. My personal favorite, however, is to wear matching shoes. If the two of you both buy a pair or Converse in a fun color, like orange, you can make a very simple statement about your friendship just by pulling on your shoes in the morning.


Jewelry has always been a favorite way to show friendship. Jewelry can include matching necklaces or bracelets as well as the specialized friendship necklaces that each has half of a particular symbol – usually a heart or a circle. You can make it a special trip with your friend or arrange a friendship gift, and there is no need to get too serious about it. Buy matching toe rings or funky bracelets. Then, every time you wear your bracelet or toe ring you’ll think about your friend.


Every pair of friends should design their own logos. Think of yourself as a little clique. Of course you’re friendly to everyone else, but your best friend should be something special. The two of you can design a special symbol or logo. Then, use iron-ons or a paint pen to put your logo on your backpack, a black t-shirt or on your favorite pair of jeans. The logo item can become part of your friendship uniform.

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North Richland H, TX
Posted On: February 23, 2010
S3x is goood
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Scranton, PA
Posted On: February 4, 2010
XD love them
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