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Great Halloween Costume Ideas @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Great Halloween Costume Ideas (Doll Article)

(October 20, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Halloween is just around the corner and this year Iíve got some great new ideas for costumes that wonít cost you much to create. After all, Halloween isnít just about looking great and having fun, itís also about not spending yourself out of a fun time once youíre dressed up. Donít spend so much on a packaged costume that youíre broke when itís time to spend the evening out with your friends!


Love Glee? Who doesnít? (Okay, I realize itís not for everyone, but for the rest of us, itís AWESOME!). Go ahead and let your Gleek-ness show by dressing up like one of your favorite characters. I, for example, have every intention of finding a matching track suit, donning a blond wig and becoming Sue Slvyester.

If youíre not sure who that is, sheís the coach of the Cheerios on Glee who has a definite loveĖhate-mostly hate relationship with the kids in Glee. If youíre not up for Sue, you can also dress up like Rachel with a bad sweater combo and skirt or a cheesy dress. Or maybe try one of the Cheerios if you can find a uniform that fits! Who can match Puckís hair? The possibilities are endless.

Presidential Candidates

This is a great year for taking on a more political persona. Don a suit (from a thrift store or from your Momís closet) and become Bachman or Palin. Yes, I realize Palinís not actually a candidate, but thatís just semantics. If you really want to have fun, dig into your fatherís closet and wear one of his old suits to become Obama, Perry or Romney.

To really enjoy this youíll need to follow politics, of course, but there is a lot of fun to be had if you can pull something together that the general population will appreciate. All it takes is the right hair style, perhaps a wig and then the right attitude Ė march down that street like you own it!

Book Characters

If youíve never created your own costume, this is your year to do so. Think about your favorite book and start pulling the pieces together to make that costume a reality. For example what would Katniss wear in the Hunger Games? What would it look like to become Bella in Breaking Dawn? Youíre not limited to just female characters, of course. Get wild and find some unique and interesting characters, but be ready to explain your costume to the masses who donít actually, ahem, read the books you enjoy.

Angry Birds

I would love to see someone do a big paper mache costume of one of the Angry Birds. All it would take is a bit mask and a sweat suit in the corresponding colors. You can grab the sweats out of your drawer or from a discount store nearby. The mask might take a bit more time, but a few balloons, some newspaper and paint will make you the perfect mask if youíre at all handy with paper mache. If youíre not into arts and crafts, this might be the perfect time to really try it out! Just remember to leave yourself a way to see through your mask as youíre wearing it.

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Springfield Gard, NY
Posted On: November 7, 2011
wow great ideas my friend came to school as a yellow angry bird in felt it was a great way to get him to meet some niice guys
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