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Giving Up Soda, Oh My! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Giving Up Soda, Oh My! (Doll Article)

(March 25, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Iím trying something new. Iím going to give up all of my sodas, or as we call them around here, cokes. Too many reports and studies have crossed my monitor lately about the complications from sodas, and since I already knew I drank too much, Iíve decided to Ė gulp Ė give it up.

Breaking a Diet Coke Addiction

Of course you canít just walk away from a caffeine addiction like I have. So I have to replace my current drinks of choice with some new drinks of choice. This has proven to be harder than I originally thought. A few weeks ago, okay a few days ago, I would drink a big Diet Dr. Pepper to help me wake up in the morning. Then I would have another Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper when I got home from school and on into the evening. All told, I was drinking probably four or five cans per day on my worst days. On my best I would drink one or two.

Years ago I switched from regular Coke to Diet Coke. It was partly because that was the type of drink my mom had in the house, and it was partly because I thought it was better for you. After all, thereís not any sugar or calories in Diet Coke or the equivalents. Now it would appear, though, that having too many diet sodas can be pretty terrible if all of the studies are to be believed.

The Problems with Coke

The biggest problem with Coke and other traditional soft drinks is the huge amount of sugar inside the can or bottle. The drinks are loaded with sugar which can affect your weight, your blood sugar and your teeth Ė cavities are more common in Coke drinkers than Diet Coke drinkers. Many of us switched to Diet Coke in an effort to avoid the sugars. Now, however, the Diet Cokes of the world donít seem safe either.

The diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. In short Ė chemicals. Even those that claim to be derived from sugar are still chemically changed into a new substance that can react to your body. The articles Iíve read lately are throwing out claims about diet sodas like Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper. It would seem that those who drink a lot of diet soda have more incidents of stroke. Diet sodas apparently make it harder to lose weight and can trigger a serious sweet tooth leading to weight gain. Diet sodas also somehow contribute to obesity and can lead to other health concerns in that regard. Scary stuff.

Giving It All Up!

So Iíve decided to what I once thought was impossible. Iím going to give up the cokes Iíve been drinking for years. Iím going to get clean and to do that Iíve going to train myself to drink coffee. So far Iím off to a shaky start, but Iím sure Iíll get there in time. Wish me luck!

Have you ever had trouble given up something in order to be healthier? Share your story below!

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United Kingdom
Posted On: May 11, 2011
I used to practically live on Diet Coke back when I was a teenager; I think it was a reaction against my parents, who strictly monitored my fizzy drink input. So, as soon as I started earning my own money, I started buying it by the bucketload.

Now tho, I try to have a maximum of one can of fizzy a day and drink sugar free squash instead.
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