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Fun Gifts for Teachers and Other Adults @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Fun Gifts for Teachers and Other Adults (Doll Article)

(November 25, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Do you have a favorite teacher or perhaps your youth director is someone really special in your life? During the holidays you might feel driven to give these special individuals a gift, but struggle to actually seal the deal since youíre not sure what to get an algebra teacher for Christmas. It can be hard buying a gift for someone you only know in a work-sense, but donít let that stop you from showing how much you appreciate that person this Christmas.

Something Useful

A nice gift for a teacher or other adult is something they can actually use in the course of their job. For example, a teacher goes though plenty of notes and post-its, perhaps a clever notepad or personalized post-it notes would be a nice touch. Everyone can use a new pen, or in the case of the algebra teacher, a new pencil. You donít need to buy a Mont Blanc (read: very expensive pen), but you can certainly find something fun. This way, when the teacher picks up her new flashing neon grading pen, sheíll always think of you and smile.

Something to Eat

If it bothers you to only have thirty minutes for lunch everyday, you can be sure it bothers your teachers as well. Most adults can leave their jobs for a lunch out or even grab some fast food, but thatís not true for teachers. They actually wind up with less time to eat than you do in most cases, so why not offer them a dinner out? A gift card or some special homemade treats are always appreciated. Chocolate, nuts, and other seasonal favorites are easy and always appreciated.

Something to Spend

If youíre well and truly stuck, offer your adult friend a chance to do their own shopping. A gift card to a store you think they would enjoy is a great choice. A gift card is easy to wrap as well, especially if you put it in withÖ.

Something to Read

Most adults who spend their careers working with children know that they will get little reward for doing so. You donít hear about rich teachers or youth leaders. These adults often have to get the same amount of expensive education as businesswomen and bankers, but obviously make much less. They teach because they want to work with kids in some form or function. If you were to take twenty minutes and create a letter or even a poem expressing how much your teacher has meant to you and what you enjoy so much about being around her, the letter will likely be much more valuable than any chocolate or gift card that comes with it.

Something to Smell

Most women, no matter how tough they seem, are suckers for something that smells nice. A scented candle, a jar of scented bath beads, or a bottle of smelly lotion is a nice touch. If you think about it, things that smell nice are like a little luxury in the middle of a normal day. Everyone loves luxury.

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Posted On: December 15, 2008
Great article - I've found that even just giving cards to my teachers has been something they enjoy - not a lot of people at my school do anything for their teachers - I at least make cards for both holidays and end-of-the-year.
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New Zealand
Posted On: December 13, 2008
Chocolates. Is what everyone gives to all of my teachers. It's almost a rule. I get the posh ones though.

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Grangerland, TX
Posted On: December 5, 2008
Silent_wolf, I have a suggestion. My sister once got me a pin ( which she later told me there was also necklace and earrings but I pins on my purse and hats so...) it was a hand in the sing for 'i love you' and had a red heart under it. I'm sure you can find many like it, I would suggest searching online.

Very good article by the way, it's very helpful.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 2, 2008
Chocolates and candles are a good idea; I've always stuck to that.
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Weirton, WV
Posted On: December 1, 2008
I often give my teachers stuff that my mom and I bake, but this year I'm thinking about giving my teachers something more oriented to what they teach. That's gonna be a doozy for my sign language teacher. O.o
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: December 1, 2008
I work at a teacher supply store that also sells toys, games, art name it. So I know what to get every one f my teachers this year; they shop there!
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 30, 2008
Good ideas! And Starbucks cards! My mom wants one every year!

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