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Four Great Ways to Really Relax @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Four Great Ways to Really Relax (Doll Article)

(March 12, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Is it just me or is there a lot of tension in the air these days? Kids at school are tense waiting for college results and standardized tests. Adults are tense waiting on the economy to pull itself back together and everyone seems to just be leaking out anything but a relaxed happy nature. Maybe itís time to recapture a peaceful, calm nature. Itís easy to do if you just relax.

Clean Out Your Room

If youíre living in clutter, youíre likely more stressed out by it than you realize. Itís great to have all kinds of special things around you, but that doesnít mean you should have piles of papers and clothes just lying around that you have to step over and around. Start by clearing out the junk that you donít need or want anymore. Give away as much as you can to help boost your happy quotient and then start working with whatís left. Spring for some new baskets and totes to get your things organized. A shelf is not very expensive and you can line up those special trinkets and clear off your desk at last. After organizing everything, wash your sheets, dust and vacuum and youíll feel a huge sense of relief just being in such a clean space.

Finish a Project

How many little projects do you have tickling the back of your brain? Perhaps youíd plan to paint something or build a small dollhouse for your cousin. Maybe you have a collage thatís half finished or a blog that sorely needs updating. Whatever it, having loose ends out there can be strangely taxing. Finish up those small projects one by one. As you cross them off your list, youíll feel an almost instant lightness. Itís also much easier to keep going once you get started on organizing, so donít be surprised if you just keep on taking care of all those things youíve been meaning to do one after another.

Get Outside

Being stuck inside can be stressful just by itself. How many relaxing moments have you spent working on your math homework in a dim living room? Or typing an essay for English? If you can, start taking things outside to complete. Youíll spend plenty of time inside your house once the sun goes down, but after school, spread your stuff across the picnic table, grab a glass of water and enjoy the weather as it starts to warm up. Fresh air and sunshine can do a lot to improve your mood and your overall sense of well being.

Help Others

Itís wonderful that you can clean out your room and finish projects, but there are so many people who canít even take care of small items. Partner with a church or community center to reach out in your area to the elderly and otherwise infirm who canít take care of their own homes or need special help with a project around the house. Grab a few friends and spend the weekend painting your neighborís kitchen for her. Not only is she likely to be so hugely grateful youíll want to cry, but youíll also feel awesome for using your time and energy for a truly worthwhile project.

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Milwaukee, WI
Posted On: April 18, 2010
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