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Five Ways to Say, “I Love You!” @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Five Ways to Say, “I Love You!” (Doll Article)

(February 13, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It’s that special time of year when you get to tell that special someone exactly how much you love him or her. Telling your friends, boyfriends and family members how much you care is easy. All you need is a bit of creativity – not a lot of money.

The Giant Card

If you’ve an artistic bone in your body, buy a large piece of white poster board and a set of colored permanent markers. Use the markers to create a beautiful, huge card. Write a special message inside and draw a picture that is meaningful or touching on the cover. You can be silly or serious, but the time and effort you put into a project like this will send your message loud and clear.

Bake a Cake

Pedro had it right when he decided to bake a cake for someone he thought was special. There are few people who don’t like cake, so baking a cake tells the person that she or he is special enough to devote hours of time to. You’ll also be able to write a short message in icing right there on the top of the cake. And with any luck, that special someone will invite you to sit down and share that beautifully customized cake at lunch together.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend, time can be a very meaningful replacement. Write a special letter or buy a single beautiful flower and hide it. Then, work backwards leaving a series of clever clues so that the recipient of your affection has to go through many steps to find exactly what she means to you. This is an especially nice idea to use with your mother on Mother’s Day. For something like that, you might leave a single rose with each clue so that your mom has a chance to gather a handful by the time she finds your moving letter.

Compose a Song

Only once has someone composed a song in my honor. And I can tell you that I was really touched. It had words that were pure poetry and the tune was an original composition designed just for me. Not only did my boyfriend of the time write the song, he came by on a beautiful spring afternoon, sat me down on the porch and sang me my song. As someone who doesn’t sing solos in front of others, that was a very big deal to me and a romantic gesture I’ll never forget.

Create a Keepsake

The best presents, especially those about love, are keepsakes that you can display or store away for ever. If you want to give your best friend something truly special use your handy skills to create an embroidered pillow case or paint a picture of the two of you and frame it. This way, every time your friend lies down at night or sees your painting on the wall, she can smile knowing that you care about her.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: May 2, 2009
I sing ChubbaDubba a song each day and we always give eACH OTHER A HUGSY

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Arvada, CO
Posted On: March 13, 2009
Well, it wasn't romantic r anything, but I once made my friends (whose birthdays are only two days apart) heart-shaped Funfetti cupcakes with "15" on them, because they had both just turned 15, and gave one to everyone in our French class that we all had together. They were really excited, but I just thought it was the most natural thing to do. I love baking.
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Weirton, WV
Posted On: February 14, 2009
I forgot to get valentines for my bro and dad - it's a familiy tradition that we get cards for everybody - so I made little pancakes and cut hearts out of them, stacked the pancakes, and made it look like the hearts were flying around the pancakes. ^^ They really liked it.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 13, 2009
For my group's music project we wrote Juliet's song because we were doing it in English too. It's really romantic and I love it.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: February 13, 2009
I always bake Hubby a cake. One thing to keep in mind though is what they're favorite kind is! I like cake, cake is good, but if my husband bought me vanilla/yellow cake I'd be really upset, lol. Chocolate/Fudge cake is my favorite and if he doesn't get my favorite then I'll wonder why he wasn't being as thoughtfull as he could be, lol. A nice way to find out is to play 20 questions well in advance to the holiday so nothing is suspected. Or tag the special someone in facebook or add a bulliten board message in myspace with the question chocolate or vanilla cake? Or which flower is your favorite and so on and so forth. Don't make it obvious though, mix it in the middle of other questions too. I hope everyone has a great valentines day! As for me, I'm so excited I could faint, lol.

Btw, guys like items "biggie sized". It started when they were young with monster trucks and stuff. Big cake, Big Cookie, Big card, they'll love it, lol.
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