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Five Ways to Be Smarter @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Five Ways to Be Smarter (Doll Article)

(May 20, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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We know that girls are smart. In fact, science has shown that the brains are females are smaller than the brains of men. For centuries those scientists (men, of course) decided that this meant male brains were larger because men were smarter. It wasn’t until recently that those male scientists, with a few brilliant females among them, realized that a bigger brain doesn’t mean a smarter brain. Female brains are smaller because they are more efficient. They do much more in less space. So, I’d argue that women are actually smarter in a sense – they can do more with less.

To become smarter, you need only to exercise your thinking muscle – your brain. Just like you exercise your body, making your brain work out will help you learn new things and can actually boost your IQ a few points. At the very least, you’ll know more than those around you which will certainly seem to make you smarter.

Learn a New Language

With every language you learn, your brain weaves in the new rules and vocabulary into what you already have stored. Your native, or first, language will always be the language of your emotions, but you can layer on as many additional languages as you like. The more you learn, the more your brain will grow in this area. It also helps you substantially when you go to find a great career someday.

Take Up a Musical Instrument

There has been a buzz about music for years in regard to intelligence. I’m not sure if listening to Mozart while studying algebra will make you more prepared for your test tomorrow, but there is evidence that learning to play a new musical instrument is a powerful way to stimulate your brain. Singing is wonderful, but learning an instrument is much more challenging as you’re reading music and meshing that skill with the actual playing of the instrument.

Try Trivia and Logic

Brain teasers, riddles, number games, crossword puzzles, mystery pictures and anything that can make your head hurt trying to figure out are actually great exercise for your brain. Games that require you to think ahead, search out information, do quick computations and strategize are ways to help get your brain in shape. You’ll notice that over time the basic versions of logic puzzles and games become easier – this is your brain getting more adept at figuring things out. Keep pushing the difficulty level and your abilities will grow even more significantly.

Read Something New

Your brain creates pathways for familiar reading material. If you read a great deal of romantic fiction, for example, every romantic fiction book you read is almost easier than the last. This is because your brain can process the reading material more easily each time. If you want to make your brain work harder, you have to force it to create new paths. This means you have to read something new. If you’ve been reading fiction, try reading some biographies or history material. You might be shocked at how slowly you have to pick through the material at first.

Get Some Sleep

Finally, your brain is working all the time, but while you are sleeping, it is working extra hard to put all the new information in the right spot so you can access it later. Without enough sleep your brain won’t be as sharp as it could be. If you’re tired, no matter how sharply you’ve trained your brain, it will always be sluggish. Go drink a big glass of water to keep your brain hydrated and then take a nap – you’ll be smarter when you wake up!

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Weirton, WV
Posted On: June 12, 2009
I read basically nonstop, but I've tried branching out from fiction into nonfiction... and I practically fell asleep trying. O_o;

I play Sudoku basically nonstop, online and in a puzzle book I got for Christmas last year. My memory's gotten a little better and I've begun to think outside the box more. ^^
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: June 11, 2009
I think the sleep would help the most for kids at my art school, seeing as we all have to take four years of a foreign language and at least one music class.

I know it would help me...^_^
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: June 11, 2009
Ha! Very cute article!

I was thinking about learning a new language, now I definately will! As for an instrument, I wouldn't mind learning to play the piano...hmmm much to think about, and hopefully start!
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