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Five Things To Do This Weekend @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Five Things To Do This Weekend (Doll Article)

(June 05, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? You can always do your usual laps around the mall looking for cute boys, or you can try something totally different. Grab a few friends and pick one or all five of these activities to keep you busy and broaden your horizons.

Museum Hopping

If you happen to live in or near a major city, museums are nothing new to you. But even small towns have museums – you just have to know where to look. So if you’re looking for a bit of history or art, head to as many museums as you can fit into an afternoon. Be sure to find some of the smaller, more interesting museums in your area – not just the big names. Really search and you might find really neat ones like prison museums, civil right museums, Holocaust museums, and my personal favorite – children’s museums.

Local Productions

There are so many local theater productions. High schools, community centers and commercial theater are all in full swing over the spring and summer, so pull out the local paper and see what shows are being offered in your area. If you have something terrific like a Broadway production visiting, see that for sure. But even spending an evening at the local community college or high school watching the spring play or musical can be a lot more fun than you think - especially if everyone goes out for ice cream afterward.

Have Breakfast

How many times have you met your friends for dinner or lunch? Why not have breakfast together? Invite friends over for French toast and eggs or just grab one of those cereal variety packs. Turn on the morning cartoons and hang out together. Everyone should eat breakfast, so why not eat it together?

If you simply can’t pull yourself out of bed that early, go out for breakfast at night. Meet your friends after dark at the local diner and order up some pancakes and good times. Most diners serve breakfast all day, but there is something extra fun about chocolate chip pancakes at 10pm. (Of course, you should always have permission and not break curfew – but you already knew that, right?)

Car Trip

If you have a friend that drives, or just a willing parent, take a day trip to somewhere fun within an hour or two of your home. You might head to the beach, the mountains, or a lake. Swim, hike or boat to your heart’s content. Bring along a camera and a picnic to make the day even more fun. Then, when lights get low, hop back in the car for a rousing radio karaoke session as you drive back home.

Make a Movie

Grab a video camera (your camera phone likely isn’t powerful enough) and make a movie. Get together Friday night to plan the movie and organize roles and costumes. Then meet Saturday morning to start filming. Spend the weekend making takes and adding new scenes. Then everyone reconverge on Sunday to edit the footage down to make a final product. Finally, screen the film Sunday evening to the delight of friends and fans, but mostly yourselves. If a full movie it a lot to handle, you can also make a killer photo slideshow with soundtrack instead.

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Tiger, GA
Posted On: June 19, 2008
me and all the family children like 2 play out side actully we r MADE go outside when ever we r inside all the old ppl say y aint u outside were u belong?

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Marion, VA
Posted On: June 10, 2008
Those are all great ideas...

in my town we have to make our own fun....

Like forking peoples yards...

Or knifing peoples yards....

Yea our town is really small...

it has one stoplight and one resturant...

it has an old movie theater and an old rundown museum...

Those ideas sound so fun....
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Posted On: June 9, 2008
Great article ^__^

We don't have ANYTHING to do in our town. So we have to make our own fun...

OR go to our ancient one-room theatre ;]

Yeah d00d, it opened in the 20's and it's still going!

We have alot of awesome museums about a half hour away. I want to go XD
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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 7, 2008
I Like Those Tips


But I Don't Like Going To Museums...

Unless It's The Fashion Ones.


Alexxuh =]
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: June 6, 2008
I volunteer at the local museum, so chances are I'm not going to be going there. But the breakfast one sounds fun, if only my friends would wake up before twelve!!!!
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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 6, 2008
Oh and ilovezelda, I can humour u in dm iff u ask
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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 6, 2008
Why did I give you a job at TDP when you don't wrrite good stories. Hmmm?
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San Jose, CA
Posted On: June 5, 2008
my weekend is gonna be a blast im gonna see wrestling in san jose and in oakland!
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Lake Elsinore, CA
Posted On: June 5, 2008
My mom takes us to historical fun events, rather museums with guns and re-enactmeants (I know I spelled it wrong, please humour me) where people get shot!! It's pretty cool, and we went to my nephew's dance recital, there were young and old people doing ballet and stuff. Some of it was nice. On the movie note, we have a camera! I just need to convince my parents into letting me use it......
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: June 5, 2008
All of it sounds fun except for the make a movie thing.

I too especially love the children's museums!

Zoo's are always fun too!

I've already done the breakfast at night thing, well kind of. I made french toast sticks and packed them into a picnic and we went to the park at 3 am. It was still dark and we got to watch the sunrise, it was awesome!

Great article!
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Canton, NC
Posted On: June 5, 2008
Hm..... Sounds interesting.

Good artical
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Posted On: June 5, 2008
The one that sounded most fun was the Make a Movie thing. My and one of my best friends make movies all the time. We always end up cracking up while we try and say our very short lines.

Sorry to say though, I DO NOT like going to museums, or watching "local productions". That sounds kinda' boring. (in my opinion.)

But good job on the artical anyways.

Good times good times...
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Posted On: June 5, 2008
And first comment! yay
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Posted On: June 5, 2008
I'll have to try some of these!

Really good ideas!
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