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Finding Summer Love @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Finding Summer Love (Doll Article)

(June 24, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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If you’re looking for romance this summer, I sincerely hope you find it. It’s been my experience though, that the most romantic summers come when you’re least expecting it, so don’t obsess over finding a guy. The right one will likely appear when you’re least expecting him. But even if you’re not actually looking for love, you might still give love a leg up. Here’s how:

Look and Feel Your Best

You want to look your best this summer, but more importantly you should feel your best. When you’re comfortable and confident your inner light comes shining through. If your light is shining, people will notice – including boys.

Check out the latest fashions to see what styles appeal to you, or just stick with classics like capris, shorts and t-shirts. Be sure your clothes fit comfortably and are suitable for all your summer activities. For example, you might love a great bikini for the beach, but if you hate having to be sure all the pieces of the suit are in the right place all the time, opt for a suit with more coverage that will stay put a bit better and let you be more relaxed.

Enjoy Yourself

There is nothing a guy hates more than a miserable girl – unless he’s into that sort of thing, but most guys aren’t. Take classes you like or take part in activities that hold your interest. Join because you want to, not because you expect boys to be there.

For example, if you’re choosing between art camp and soccer camp, go for the one you like the most. There might be more boys at the soccer camp, but if you’ll be playing with art on your mind, what’s the point? Who knows, maybe you’ll be the muse of the one cute boy attending art camp.

Quit Trying So Hard

It’s a rule as old as time, but boys like to chase girls. In elementary school they showed you affection by chasing you on the playground. The rules don’t change much when boys get older. If you want to catch a boy’s attention, be sure you’ve made his acquaintance and then back off – way off.

Coming on too strong is a sure way to get written off as “desperate” which you certainly are not. If you like a guy, you can show him by a bit of flirting or smiling across the room, but let him make the first move. That also means you should skip sending your passel of girlfriends over to “let him know that someone they know likes him.” Leave that stuff in elementary school with the playground.

Forget About It

It’s hard, but if you truly manage to forget about finding your one true love this summer, you’re more likely to do everything right to attract boys – whether you want them or not. Boys seem attracted to girls who are self-confident, assured, and engaged in activities of their own. If you’re over boys, they will almost certainly find you irresistible.

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Valley Falls, SC
Posted On: July 10, 2008
Summer love is great. You get to see the person you love almost most of the summer.
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Hanford, CA
Posted On: June 26, 2008
The first summer love I had was in elementry school!I havent seen him cince then
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Posted On: June 25, 2008
in elementry it isn't as easy as sending a person acrross the tell you like a guy cuz then it just becomes your bullied by him and all of his friends. =\ which is sad but true.

it actally gets easer as a teenager.
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Posted On: June 25, 2008
Hmm... I'm not expecting to find "love" this summer. But if I were, I guess this would be a pretty good artical.
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