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Find A Sweetheart by Valentine’s Day @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Find A Sweetheart by Valentine’s Day (Doll Article)

(January 21, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It’s totally cliché, but there are those among us (me included at times) that want a sweetie for Valentine’s Day. I’m not a fan of the “find him and dump him right after he buys me flowers” kind of romance, but if you can turn a crush into something more by February 14, it will be all the more meaningful.

Consider Your Prospects

Dating is not like buying a new puppy. You don’t just pick a guy at random and make him your boyfriend for the day. But you likely have an interest in a handful of guys – or maybe just one in particular. Think about who you really would like to spend more time with. As a rule of thumb, if a guy already has a girlfriend, move on to another option – I’m not into the boyfriend snatcher scene.

Look Your Best

If you’ve never seen Clueless, rent it. Now. It’s a great 90’s flick about the fashionista Cher arguing her way into better grades and feeling better about herself by helping others. But that’s not why you need to watch. You actually need to watch Cher’s discussion and drama about looking her best for the new guy in class about halfway through the movie. She finally has a crush on a guy at school and starts going down the list of strategies you employ to get his attention and catch his interest. (In the movie, the guy turns out to be not interested for a whole other reason, but I won’t spoil it for you.)

The first on the list is to look your best and show a little skin. She pulls off a prim cardigan to reveal bare shoulders in the middle of class, and a little flirty smile over that bare shoulder didn’t hurt. I’d wager bare shoulders work in the winter only in Miami and Orange County, but don’t let that stop you from pulling on an outfit you look and feel good in. You’ll need your confidence up if you’re going to dazzle him.


The hardest thing for some is deciding how to flirt with someone in a way that shows you are interested only in him – not just having fun with friends. Again Cher offers us some nice tips:

• Drop something on the floor next to him and if/when he reaches down to grab it, you be sure you’re reaching too so that your hands can touch. Smile at him, of course.

• Ask him a question about something he would be flattered to answer.

• Find ways to touch. Cher makes it a point to have “cold feet” during a movie so that she can rub her feet on his. The results are one of my favorite parts of the movie. Cold feet, a hand on his shoulder, your knee touching his, and any other number of innocent-seeming touches will clue him in to your presence.

Box Him In

Considering we’re treating the boy like he has no other option than to love us, and why wouldn’t he, you should rally with a final strategy designed to box him in. This is a move worthy of hunters everywhere. I’ve found that the meaningful statement followed by the dramatic pause works well. And if that falls flat, you can always counter with a direct approach. Here it is in action:

Best Case Scenario:

Did you hear about the dance at school on Valentine’s Day?” {Pause}
He replies, “Yeah – hey are you going to that?”
“Not Sure yet – why, you asking me?” {Pause}
He shrugs and looks embarrassed.
“If so, I think it would be fun to go. Who else is going?”

Congrats! You have a date and he’s on safer ground talking about friends or other couples.

Not-So-Great Scenario:

“Did you hear about the dance at school on Valentine’s Day?” {Pause}
He replies, “Yeah”
Since he failed to walk right into your little trap, you must now box him in some more.
“Were you planning to go? I’m still making up my mind.”
He replies with “I might – want to go together” or “I don’t think so – I hate that stuff.”
If you got the first, congrats! If you got the latter, box even more.
“That’s cool – maybe I’ll see you at the movies that night. I was thinking of going to see Twilight again – interested?”

Okay – if he doesn’t catch on at this point, he’s just not interested or is totally clueless, especially since you all but asked him out yourself at the end. Hopefully he’ll catch on and you’ll be on your way to romantic couple-dom. But if not, laugh it off and take your BFF to see Twilight – it might be more fun that way, anyhow.

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Elizabethtown, PA
Posted On: May 19, 2009
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Houston, TX
Posted On: February 21, 2009
From keosha

This story is about the love 4or valentines day for children thats under 12
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: February 9, 2009
Yeah. I agree. Love isn't something you can force onto someone. I mean, flirt and all that, but don't give the guy no other option than to go out with you.
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Posted On: February 9, 2009
Same here. And why even attempt to "force" a guy into liking you? It just sounds stupid and you'l most likely end up embarassing yourself. (Like I sometimes do.) :]

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: February 9, 2009
Eh. I've never understood the whole "get a BF quick before Valentines day gets here" thing. Get a date maybe for the dance, or go with friends, but a BF? That just doesn't seem right to me. Seems like 'using' to me...
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