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Final Exams, Oh My! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Final Exams, Oh My! (Doll Article)

(November 20, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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The first semester of this school year is almost over and that means only one thing Ė final exams are right around the corner. Depending on the sort of school youíre attending, you might be having a semester exam or you might be having a full-fledged final exam. Whatever youíre facing, be sure youíre prepared and ready to go. Donít let the exams sneak up on you the way November did!

Get a Planner

If you havenít already, grab a planner in the bookstore or cue up the calendar on your phone and start putting in reminders. Plug in the dates of your exams and then plug in dates that youíll be studying for each one. Trying to study for multiple exams every night for a week can be a real challenge, and youíd be better off focusing over an extended period of time rather than short bursts the night before. Putting your study nights on the calendar now means the dates will be blocked out, and you wonít have to worry about not leaving yourself the right amount of time to study.

A planner is a great idea for the year as a whole as it will keep you organized and on track. It can be a pain at first to use, but once you get into gear, you can see at a glance when you have projects due, when youíre working on them and when you truly have free nights to enjoy with your friends. A bit of organization can go a long way.

Learn to Study

The sad truth is that most of us donít study correctly. Studying means actively reading material and working to commit it to memory. You canít learn something the night before or even the week or two before hand if youíre talking about months of learning. You need to be working over a longer period of time reviewing information over and over again until itís all but cemented in your brain. Read the chapter or the chapter summaries before class. Then listen to any lectures and take part in the discussions during class time.

Take great notes from the board and the key points of the discussion. When class is over, immediately review the notes. Review them again before your next class. Every time you read over your notes, youíre helping them stick in your mind and also giving your brain a chance to build on the information in the next course.

No Surprises

Itís your job to find out what time your tests are and what you need for each one. Donít show up in the morning ready to do whatever youíre told without having a clue what that plan is. Make a point of speaking to your teacher the day before to get the supplies you need and be there on time for the test. If youíre in your normal classroom, this is pretty straightforward, fortunately. There is nothing worse than having test anxiety topped with the anxiety of getting lost, being late or not having the right kind of pencil on test day.

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