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Favorite Fall Fashions @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Favorite Fall Fashions (Doll Article)

(September 15, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I love dressing for the cold, but I donít like actually feeling cold. For this reason, fashion isnít in the forefront for me in the winter months. There are plenty of fun things to do over the winter, but dressing up isnít one of them Ė at least not for this cold-natured girl who far prefers warmth to style. But fall, thatís an entirely different story.

Fall Fashion

The fall is great because itís got a big hint of winter without the extra cold winter winds and weather that comes with it. What that means is I can pull out all my favorite fall gear without worrying too much about trying to cover it all up with a bulky jacket or ruining my hair with a big hat. This is one season when Iím actually glad the stores release their clothing lines months in advance. I might not be found sporting a bathing suit in February, but youíll definitely find me in a bulky sweater by October.

Comfort and Style

Iím convinced that fall fashion is the easiest time of the year to look in-style and feel comfortable at the same time. What could be more stylish than thick leggings, fuzzy boots and a big sweater? Perhaps jeans, heavy boots and a sleek sweater? Either way youíre pulling on layers that give you a nice stylish edge without having to stand up straight every minute of the day or even shave your legs if you donít feel like it.

My personal style during this time seems to be a bit monotonous, but Iím totally okay with that. Most days I can be found rocking some comfy jeans, a big college sweatshirt and cute sneaks. It goes from the classroom to the library beautifully. If Iím trying to get a bit more dressed up, Iím trade the sneaks and sweatshirt for cute shoes and a sleek sweater or tunic. Cords make an appearance in my wardrobe again, which is always exciting, and I seem to pick up some new white shirts and bright sweaters every year as well.

Hair and Make Up

The most exciting thing for me about the fall though isnít necessarily the comfy wardrobe. I just love the fact that I can wear my hair down without it sticking to my neck with summer sweat. When I wear make-up, I donít have to plan to reapply it after I walk across the parking lot. The summer sun is great, but there comes a time when I donít want the humidity to destroy my hair anymore and Iíd rather not have that great my-make-up-just-melted-down-my-face look that is so popular around my area in August.

To me fall is a time when the weather is great, I look great and I feel great, too. Itís nice to be outside with the crisp weather, and to know that youíll still look great hours later. I love that my wardrobe is practically interchangeable and that it all fits comfortably all the time. The only thing I donít like about fall is how quickly it seems to slip by.

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Posted On: October 18, 2010
I love fall fashion! Fall's also my fav season. Chunky sweaters, boots, jeans, flats, socks, everything! Especially jackets and accessories like gloves, hats and scarves. ^^ Which I have a ton of, that I can't wear all summer and stay shoved in my closet collecting dust.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: October 11, 2010
Aw man, I LOVE Fall Fashion! But I hate it too Dx

Everything looks so nice and adorable, but then I try it on and it clashes with my height. Those uber cute sweater-dresses? Too long. Those really cure long sweaters? Too long. Cute boots? Too long. Darn my height! Short ruins everything, lol.

You know what I wish? I wish hats were an everyday fashion! I LOVE hats! And you're more likely to wear them in the Fall without having to feel so "LOOK AT ME!" doing it since you can say that it keeps your head warm xD
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